We have been mainly.....

16 July 2012

enjoying a quieter week with more time at home.

We started the week with our usual trip into the local town for food shopping and library. We picked up lots of good books and a story sack once again. The rest of they day was spent reading the new books and looking at the story sack. It had a great book with an alternative version of the well known rhyme Old Macdonald Had a Farm. We have had great fun with this story sack this week.

The next day we joined our friends for our regular play date. We seem to leaving later and later in the day to go out. I am always loathe to take the children out when they are in the middle of some wonderful game this always seems to happen on a Tuesday morning. The trouble is they then do not want to come home as they have not had enough time to play with their friends!

We had a day at home in the middle of the week. We read books, played games, built models with Lego and K'nex, cooked together, and generally made a mess around the house, you can always tell when we have been at home all day.

We went to a friends for a play and lunch on Thursday. We had not been for a while, they have been doing a bit of work on the house and it looked really different. It was, unusually for us at the moment, a warm sunny day so the children played in the garden all afternoon. A parcel was waiting for us at the post office when we returned, the children were really excited. They knew it was a book for each of them from a friend who stayed with us recently.

Friday saw us at home again for the day. More play, more reading (the books we received yesterday) and more mess. We said goodbye to Daddy in the evening. He is away working again, we are not sure how long it will be for this time.

Over the weekend we went to a birthday party on one afternoon. The rain did not stay way, but luckily they had borrowed a marvellous shelter we sat under there to eat and sing songs with the children. It was a lovely afternoon. On Sunday we played outside and pottered in the garden. Everything is growing, albeit really slowly, if I didn't have a poly tunnel I would have very little produce at the moment. The rain stayed away until the evening, it was another lovely day. I also knitted a few flowers over the weekend. I am hoping to use them on presents for Christmas . I know it is only July but I am hoping to make as many presents as possible this year so I need to get started soon if I am to make them all in time!

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