11 July 2012

I am one very proud and happy mama tonight. My eldest started to read a story book this morning. He was not sure that he could manage it all himself, so I sat with him and read the first few pages with him. After a few pages he said to me I want to read the rest myself. For most of the day he sat contented on the sofa curled up reading and reading. Every now and again he would take a break and come to the table where I was sewing and talk to me about what he had read or draw a picture from the story.

We joined some friends for a BBQ by a local lake tonight, the weather was perfect. Warm and sunny with just enough breeze to keep the midges at bay. The lake was flat calm. The book came too and between bouts of running around my eldest was ensconced in a chair book in hand.

At about eight o'clock he came to me book in hand with the biggest smile announcing he had finished. The book, his first story, was over 100 pages long. He has been reading independently for a few months now but mostly reads non-fiction, I read the occassional fiction book to him but he is not particularly interested and would rather read non-fiction together. Perhaps this is the start of a new journey for him into the world of fiction. As long as he stays interested in books I shall be happy!

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