29 June 2012

I had one of those days yesterday when I felt completely out of sorts. My tolerance levels were really really low and I felt really tired and irritable, and that I had a mountain of things to do and was not achieving any of them. At one point it started raining and I had to get some stuff inside that was drying, my eldest was lying on the hall floor asking for honey on bread, my youngest was busy flooding the kitchen floor sorry washing up, I needed the loo, the phone started ringing and there was a knock on the door. I felt like a rabbit stuck in the car headlights.

After I had sorted everything out by flinging the now wet things inside, ignoring the phone, answering the door, sorting the snack and wiping the floor, I headed to the loo. I always find this a good place to ponder (even though I am never alone) and decided I just needed to do less today, it was not going to be a day that I could do loads of chores/stuff around the house.

So I headed for the sofa and started knitting, I talked to the children, I read them books, I played with farm animals and vehicles and enjoyed the rest of the day. Later in the day when I had a bit of time to think, I thought about what on earth could have made me feel so out of sorts, it hit me like train at ninety miles an hour. My dad had been into hospital for an operation at really short notice, I was worried he would be alright. I rang him straight away to check, whilst I was waiting for him or mum to answer I was filled with a huge surge of emotion, it welled up inside me until he answered. My first words to him were, thank god you're alright. He went very quiet, and then said, were you worried, I've just realised I was I replied and we carried on talking.

It took me all day to realise what was making me feel out of sorts, cross, tetchy, short fused is it any wonder that sometimes our children feel the same and simply cannot explain why?


  1. Golly I had no idea, no wonder you were looking so washed out yesterday. They do say a problem shared is one halved... I have a good pair of listening ears if you ever have need of them!

    Hugs to you San xx

    1. Thank you. It was your phonecall in the middle of my rabbit in the headlights crisis. Now you know why I did not answer!


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