We have been mainly..........

25 June 2012

celebrating with friends this week.

We started the week with our usual trip into the local town for shopping and a visit to the library. We spent the rest of the day at home preparing for our camping trip, cooking food and getting stuff out of cupboards.

The next morning we woke to pouring rain, really really heavy rain, which stopped after an hour the sky cleared and the sun shone. We spent the morning at home finishing off cooking and packing up the car before setting off for our midsummer camp with friends. We had a wonderful few days which you can read about here.

We packed up from camp in the pouring rain on Thursday, it also felt really cool after the wonderful heat of the previous two days. It was still raining when we arrived home. I managed to get the car unpacked and most things put away before heading out to do a D of E (Duke of Edingburgh Award) assessment for a local Ranger Guide group. Before an expedition can go out they need to have their readiness for carrying out the expedition checked through talking to them about their kit, their route, their map skills, their awareness of risks, the country code and what to do if things go wrong. I qualified to do this last year and really enjoy meeting young people and supporting them to achieve this award. I was glad of my sleep that night!

On Friday we had friends over to play. They joined us for lunch, although they bought their own food this time, and the new, to us, Lego was much admired and played with.

Over the weekend we had a trip into the local town and managed to find a new pair of summer walking boots for me. Mine fell apart, literally, last year when on holiday, the soles collapsed on both boots. I have been using a my winter pair up until now, they are much more rigid and my feet do get hot in them at this time of year, even with the colder weather we have been experiencing. I am looking forward to trying them out.

On Sunday the children got the wooden railway track out and spend over an hour building a railway track complete with road and village together. It was lovely to listen to them playing together, taking and negotiating the differeent parts of their creation. The resulting layout was played with by one or both of them for the rest of the afternoon. It was a perfect ending to a wonderful week. I hope yours has been enjoyable too.

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