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11 June 2012

visiting friends this week.

Instead of our usual trip into town and play dates we travelled to Wales to visit friends who have moved into a new house.

We set off on Monday, my husband had to drop something off on the way, as we were pulling away from doing that I realised that I had left some food in the fridge which we had to go back for, oooops!

On Tuesday we went for a lovely walk near Dolgellau, the forecast was for heavy rain but it held off and we had wonderful views too. We took the Kelly kettle with us and had a brew, hot chocolate and soup depending on folks' preferences which was much welcome, it was cold.

Wednesday dawned sunny. My husband went off for a canoe down the river behind the house whilst I went to visit an amazing wool shop, Colinette Yarns , nearby. The wool was beautiful, the shop a colour sensation. I was restrained and did not buy anything I will find a pattern first and then buy some yarn when I visit again. We popped into the local town for the afternoon and the children rode back on a steam train.

We returned home the next day in the pouring rain and had a chilled afternoon playing at home, whilst my husband packed for a weekend sea kayaking.

On Friday we dropped Daddy off early and went home and played games for the rest of the day. My youngest had fun with an old shoe box, it was a hat, a boat for dolly, a car for Lego mini figures, a shopping basket, a carriage on a train and a seat for bear.  They both had the play silks out which were capes, made the children into birds and kings. We had races with toy cars and built elaborate buildings with the wooden bricks. We had a wonderful day of creative play.

I also got creative making smoothies. I noticed when we returned home the day before that we had a lot of rhubarb in the garden. I picked some and cooked it to make something with. I did a bit of research and decided to make a smoothie with some of it. I picked bits out of various recipes that I found and came up with this recipe:

Rhubarb Smoothie

1 american cup stewed rhubarb
1 banana sliced
2tbsp coconut milk
1/2 tsp cinnamon

I put the first four ingredients in the food processor, I do not have a juicer or a blender this turned out just fine in a food processor, and whizzed until smooth. I then added milk and whizzed to get a thin enough mix. I used oat milk to make this, I am sure it would it would taste good using an alternative milk.  This quantity made a small glass for three of us or would make a large drink for one.  It was very moreish.

Over the weekend we were and about.  On Saturday we went to a birthday celebration for one of my eldest's friends. He had a great time playing with him and couple of his friends. We had lunch and cake before returning home. On Sunday we had an early start, and a full day out which you can read about here.  I hope you have had a fun filled week too, and when it is ever going to get warm?

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