Picture Book Challenge

I love reading books with and to my children this year, 2014, I am going to keep a record of all the picture books I read with them in an attempt to meet this challenge. My children are 9 (10 in November) and 4 (5 in May).  Entries marked * are from our bookshelves, the rest are from the library or borrowed from someone else.

So here they are, week by week:

Week One

1.  Witchety Sticks and the Magic Buttons by Helen Stephens, a delightful story about a witch who
     uses magic buttons which don't always work!
2.  Just Ducks by Nicola Davies a lovely book all about to ducks, a cross between a story and fact

Week Two

3.  Itsy Bitsy Animals by Margaret Wild, a lovely introduction to animals for young children.
4.  Princess Poppy: The Royal Parade by Janey Louise Jones, I do like this series they are perfect for
     children who love to dress up, about a little girl in a small village pretending to be a princess.
5.  Jinnie Ghost by Berlie Doherty, a beautiful book with illustrations by Jane Ray a favourite of
     mine, Jinnie is a ghost who enters children's dreams and makes them come true.
6.  Eat Up Gemma by Sarah Hayes, a story about a little girl who does not want to eat the food given
     to her by adults until her brother has an idea....
7.  How Do You Feel? by Anthony Browne an interesting introduction to emotions.
8.  Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin.
9.  Dandylion by Lizzie Finlay a delightful story about being different, friendship and diversity.

Week Three

10. The Pear Tree by Meredith Hooper, a beautifully illustrated animal counting book based on the
      Twelve Days of Christmas, it also introduces children to the seasons and each animal is up to at
      that time of year.*
11. My Daddy by Curtis Jobling, three children who are sure that have the best daddy in the world,
      one is keeping quiet, what is it her daddy does.....
12. Ben and Gran and the Whole Wide Wonderful World by Gillian Shields, a delightful story about
      the journey Ben's Granmother takes across the world to see him, using a wonderful mixture of
13. Bear's Birthday by Stella Blackstone, another lovely counting book from the wonderful Barefoot
14. I Love you Mummy Duck by Dawn Richards, a delightful story about a little duck celebrating
      Mothers Day with Mummy.
15. The Spring Rabbit by Joyce Dunbar, a lovely story about a little rabbit who would love a brother
      or sister, his mother tells him to wait until spring, each season he wonders if it is spring yet....*
16. Faster, Faster Little Red Train by Benedict Blathwayt, we love these books the illustrations are
     rich full of detail, in this story the express train has broken down can the Little Red Train get the
     passengers there on time?*
17.Green Light for the Little Red Train by Benedict Blathwayt, another from this series this time the
     Little Red Train has to keep going until he reaches a red light and doesn't notice that he has
     crossed over to France!*
18. The Runaway Dinner by Allan Ahlberg, another favourite author, this delightful and quirky book
      is about a meal that runs away along with the cutlery, table and the family trying to eat it, but
      what happens to it….*

Week Four

19. Animals in their Homes by Sonia Goldie, a delightful charity shop find, a beautifully illustrated
      book of all the different 'homes' that animals have*
20. Big Kicks by Bob Kolar, a charming story about a bear who was a loner and how he came to enjoy
     being part of the community he lived in.
21. The Country Year by Paula Joyce, this lovely little book has a double page for each month of the
      year with all the flora and fauna, beautifully illustrated with a short description, you can expect to
      see, this is an old book, published by the Medici Society, which I don't remember how we
22. Touch and Count Numbers by Mandy Ross, a ladybird book that I bought when my eldest was
      little, a much used and loved introductions to numbers with a little rhyme for each.*
23. Lunchtime by Rebecca Cobb, a delightful story about a little girl who is too busy for her lunch but a
      visiting crocodile, bear and wolf would love to eat it, rather than her!
24. My Very Happy Princess by Moira Butterfield

Week Five

25. The Fairy's Secret Party by Nicola Baxter, a pop up sparkly story about a fairy who doesn't understand why all her friends have a secret that they don't want to share because it is a surprise!*
26. The Sun Egg by Elsa Beskow,  a delightful story about an elf who finds an orange in the wood and wonders what it could be….a lovely adventure ensues.*
27. A Dragon in a Wagon by Lynley Dodd, a little girl dreaming about different pets as she takes her dog for a walk.
28. Good for You, Good for Me by Lorenz Pauli, a bear and a dormouse making deals but they don't turn out to be best for the bear or do they?  A delightful story with lovely illustrations.
29. Silver Buttons by Bob Graham a clever story which shows what is happening in the world, in one minute, around a little boy who takes his first step, we love this author.
30. A Letter for Bear by David Lucas, postman bear never receives any letters himself, until he sends them to his neighbours……a lovely story.
31. I am the King by Leo Timmers, a turtle wakes up with a crown on his shell and declares himself the King, the other animals take turns to announce they are king, but who is the king of the animals?
32. Clara Button and the Wedding Day Surprise by Amy de la Haye, we love, love, love this book and have had it out the library several times.  A lovely story with beautiful illustrations, click on the link to take a peak…..
33. Marguerite's Fountain by Rachel Elliot, a mouse watches Marguerite, another mouse, dancing by a fountain each day and longs to go and join her but he is too shy.  A larger bolder mouse does join her and eventually asks her to leave the fountain, so she dances no longer and the fountain stops flowing……can the shy mouse be brave?

Week Six

34. Wide Awake Jake by Rachel Elliott, a little boy, Jake, is having trouble getting to sleep so he goes downstairs to his parents for some advice and help, he doesn't like his dads suggestions and his mums scare him, will he get to sleep?*
35. Ella Bella Ballerina and the Sleeping Beauty by James Mayhew,  I love this series about a little girl Ella Bella who loves ballet.  At her ballet class her teacher introduces her to the famous ballets through her music box, when the class finishes the other children go home and Ella Bella reopens the music box and is transported into the ballet.  It is a lovely way to introduce the ballet to young children.*
36. In the Country by Benedict Blathwayt, this is not a story book but has pictures of a farm and one or two other rural scenes, through the seasons.  The pictures are rich and fun to look for things in.  On each double page there is a scene on one side and items you can spot on the other.  See 16 and 17 for other books by this author.*
37. The Winter Story by Jill Barklem one of the much loved Bramley Hedge stories, I missed these as a child as they were published when I was a bit too old for them.  The Winter story sees the occupants of Bramley Hedge preparing for a snow ball.  The illustrations are wonderful in all her books.*
38. The Toy Hospital by Elaine Mills, a story about a boisterous toy squirrel who falls out of a tree and damages his leg.  He is taken to hospital for repair but will it stop him bouncing around?  A delightful story.*
39. Peace at Last by Jill Murhpy, Mr Bear is tired but cannot sleep, his wife is snoring, the clock is ticking he keeps moving to find some peace and quiet, when he finds it will he get any sleep?
40. Peacefulness by Lucia Raatma a non fiction book which introduces children to what peacefulness means and how they can find it in their everyday lives.

These last two books were from a Library storysack.

Week Seven

41. Queen Victoria's Knickers by Jackie French a delightful story about the history of the knicker.
42. The Great Granny Gang by Judith Kerr another wonderful book, from this lovely author, about a gang of Grannies there is nothing they can't do….
43. Rosie's Walk by Pat Hutchins a very old and wonderful story read to me as a child about a chicken who goes for a walk, she is followed by a fox but will he catch her?
44. One Mole Digging a Hole by Julia Donaldson a charming counting book from this popular and well known author.
45. My Adventure Island by Timothy Knapman, a island of the imagination where anything is possible, is it the perfect place?
46. How Many Sleeps? by Amber Stewart a mouse is excited about his birthday but will his Daddy have his present made in time and can you spot what he is making?

Week Eight

47. Who's Like Me by Nicola Davies a delightful book about animals, with flaps, how they are similar to each other.*
48. Animal Homes by Debbie Martin, an old usborne lift the flap book that is a real favourite in our house, about a selection of animals and how and where they build their homes.*
49. The Hedgehog's Balloon by Nick Butterworth
50. The Fox's Hiccups by Nick Butterworth
51. The Badger's Bath by Nick Butterworth*
These last three books are all from the Percy the Park Keeper series by this lovely author.  Each story is simple, funny and beautifully illustrated, another favourite in our house.

Week Nine

52. Sparkly Shoes and Picnic Parties by Sophie Tilley a lovely book for little girls who like a fun adventure too.
53. Grandma and Grandpa's Garden by Neill Grifiths, a lovely story for children about coming to terms with losing a loved one.
54. When Dragons are Dreaming by James Mayhew, a dragon cannot sleep so he escapes into a wonderful world where the fairies are playing but will they let him join in?
55. Going Swimming by Sarah Garland, this book is aimed at toddlers as are the other lovely books by this author.  They are also great stories for children who are starting to or showing an interest in reading the story is simple, recognisable and the words are easy and often repeated.
56. Bop's Hiccups by Joel Stewart, I am not a fan of TV tie in books but I do love Abney and Teal….
57. Friends by Eric Carle a charming story about a little boy whose friend moves away and he sets off to find her, his journey is an adventure and they have such fun when he finds her.
58. A Big Operation by Richard Scarry we love this author in this house, a lovely book and a good one to read if your little one needs to go into hospital.*
59. Peepo by Janet and Allan Ahlberg a delightful story about the world as seen by a baby.*
60. Oliver and the Noisy Baby by Nick Maland, Oliver has a little sister who never sleeps so he escapes in his plane but he can hear her crying is he the one who can help?
61.  I am not Sleepy and I will not Go to Bed by Lauren Child, a Charlie and Lola story, need I say more?
62. Jack and the FlumFlum Tree by Julia Donaldson another classic from this wonderful author.  Jack's granny is ill and he sets off on an adventure to find what she need to make her better.

Week Ten

63. The Highway Rat by Julia Donaldson another classic from this wonderful author, a rat who thinks he can take from anyone until the other animals fight back….*
64. The High Street by Alice Melvin a beautifully illustrated book about a little girl who goes shopping for a list of items, can she find them all.  Each shop has its own page, the shop interior is a flap you open from the shop front, this book gets read time and again, although this is the first time this year!*
65. Ten Seeds by Ruth Brown a counting book with a difference, there are ten sunflower seeds at the beginning but only one flower at the end!*
66. Spring by Gerda Muller a delightful book with no words, just pictures of all the things you are likely to do and see in Spring, part of a series of books for each season.*
67. The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle it is Autumn and seeds are blowing on the wind, follow the seeds through the Winter, Spring and Summer to find out what happens to them.*
68. Dinosaur Roar by Paul Strickland a book of opposites with a dinosaur theme.
69. Ten Terrible Dinosaurs by Paul Strickland a counting book with a dinosaur theme.

Week Eleven

70. Itsy Bitsy Babies by Margaret Wild, a complimentary book to number three, lots of babies having fun
71. Henry Helps with the Baby by Beth Bracken, Henry has a new baby sister and want to help mummy look after her.
72. Skipping Rope Snake by Carol Ann Duffy a snake wants to play with the other animals in the jungle until along comes a little girl who wants to play with her.....
73. Miffy at the Zoo by Dick Bruna, I loved the Miffy books as a child it is lovely to see them back in print.  Simple stories of a Rabbit doing the things that children love, visiting the zoo and...
74. Miffy's Play Date by Dick Bruna, .....playing with friends.
75. The Tomtes of Hilltop Stream by Brenda Tyler, a wonderful story inspired by Elsa Beskow books.  The Tomtes are preservers of nature and the two children needs some help sorting out a polluted stream, can the tomtes help?
76. Farmer John's Tractor by Sally Sutton, a delightful story about a car that gets stuck in a flooded river and the vehicles that come to help but get stuck too.  Farmer John's Tractor has been in the shed a while can it help get the car out?
77. Cupcake and the Princess Party by Mandy Archer, a fairy bakery has opened to great success, the local princess wants a special cake for a party can they make one?
78. Here Comes Frankie by Tim Hopgood, a truly wonderful book about synaesthesia.  Frankie lives in a quiet house on a quiet street, he finds it a bit too quiet.  He really wants to learn to play the trumpet but his parents are not sure, what happens when he does?

Week Twelve

79. Spring Story by Jill Barklem another story from the Bramley Hedge series, it is Wilfred's birthday and the other mice are arranging a secret picnic.....*
80. Doing the Garden by Sarah Garland, it is spring and mum and the children are off to the garden centre to buy some plants for the garden*
81. Mouse Moves House by Nick Sharratt this book is part of the Maths Together series, it is a story, with puzzles and games, about a mouse moving house with the help of his friends*
82. Little Grey Rabbit's Party by Alison Uttley, first published in 1936 this story and all the others about the same characters have not lost their charm*
83. Michael Bird-Boy by Tomie de Paola, a wonderful story about a little boy who loves nature and likes to dress up as a bird.  One day a black cloud descends on his world and he sets off to find out what is causing it.  A lovely way to introduce children to the environment.*
84. Where do Babies Come From? by Angela Royston, a delightful book that introduces children to how life begins*

Week Thirteen

85. Cookie and the Secret Sleepover by Mandy Archer, another of the Fairies of Blossom Bakery series which include a recipe at the back which just has to be made and eaten.....
86. Shopping a Child's Play International Publication this book is part of a series, the text is scant and enables the reader and child to discuss what is going on through the book and how it relates to their life, I love these books as do my children.  They are also great when they are learning to read.
87. Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson, another lovely story from this wonderful author.  Monkey is looking for his mum but cannot find her, butterfly helps but keeps getting it wrong.....
88. I Want to Win by Maria Papayanni a charming story about the competition between brothers.
89. Ginger and the Mystery Visitor by Charlotte Voake a lovely story about a cat who comes visiting, where does he come from?
90. The Jungle Run the animals in the jungle are getting ready for their annual run, little cub wants to join in but the others tell him he is too small.....
91. Christopher's Bicycle by Charlotte Middleton a story about a guinea pig who loves cycling and recycling!
92. Christopher's Caterpillars by Charlotte Middleton the same guinea pig but this time a mystery about mini beasts.....

Week Fourteen

93. The Pied Piper of Hamelin by Robert Browing, this well known tale in the form of a poem by this wonderful poet.
94. Rats and Mice by Honor Head, the second book in a story sack along with 93. a fact book for children.
95. The Princess and the Pea by Lauren Child a wonderful take on this well known fairytale, with rather wonderful photographed scenes for illustrations*
96. No Place Like Home by Jonathan Emmett a charming story about a mole who wants to find a new home, his friends help him but they have different ideas to him about what makes the perfect home.*
97. The Pirates Next Door  by Jonny Duddle a delightful story with an interesting twist.  A little girl lives on a street where there are no children, she longs for some to move into the house next door which is for sale.  When they do they are not quite what anyone expected......
98. Rita and Whatsit go on a Picnic by Jean-Philippe Arrou-Vignod a little girl and her dog go on a picnic but it rains and the dog gets forgotten in the hurry back to the car.
99. The Bear in the Cave by Michael Rosen a lovely poem about a bear who is intrigued by the noise coming from a nearby city.
100. Boom, Baby, Boom Boom by Margaret Mahy we have read this book several times this week it is wonderful.  A baby is eating his lunch whilst his mother plays the drums, but is baby eating?
101. The Knight, the Princess and the Dragon by Helen Craig the wonderful world of imaginative children's play.
102. The Talkative Tortoise by Andrew Fusek Peters a well known folk tale from India.
103. This Old Man by Pam Adams a book form of the popular children's counting song, with the addition of sums in the text using peepholes on the pages.
104. What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson, need I say more?  Another classic from this wonderful author*

Week Fifteen

105. The Royal Parade by Janey Louise Jones a Princess Poppy story, it is the annual dress up parade and Princess Poppy has a job to do but she keeps getting distracted.....
106. Katie Morag Delivers the Mail by Mairi Hedderwick Katie is delivering the post to help her parents but things don't go quite to plan.......*
107. Katie Morag and the Two Grandmothers by Mairi Hedderwick, Grannie Island is entering her sheep in the annual show except this year she is having trouble getting it clean can Granma Mainland's lotions and potions come to their aid?*
108. Katie Morag and the Tiresome Ted by Mairi Hedderwick, Katie is jealous of the new baby and throws her teddy into the sea, that night she wishes she hadn't.....*
109. Katie Morag and the Big Boy Cousins by Mairi Hedderwick Katie's cousins are over to stay with Grannie Island and creating havoc and mayhem.....*
110. Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the Really Big Adventure by Kristina Stephenson these are wonderful stories with a bit more text than usual, great illustrations and interesting flaps*
111. Molly and the Night Monster by Chris Wormell a wonderful story for those children who don't like the dark.
112. Anna Hibiscus' Song by Atinuke, Anna is very happy but what is she going to do with all her happiness? 
113. What Makes Me Happy? by Catherine Anholt a lovely rhyming book to explore different emotions with children*
114. Once there was a House by Judy Hindley a fun storybook about some children who make a house and other buildings out of large cardboard boxes, with ideas of what you could make yourself*
115. Monkey Do! by Allan Ahlberg a clever monkey escapes the zoo and has a day of fun outside*
116. The Fabulous Fairy Feast by Sue Heap the fairy queen is having a party but one of the guests is in a mischievous mood and creates mayhem.....*
117. A New House for Mouse by Petr Horáček a delightful peep through story about a little mouse who wants a new house to fit her and the apple she has found*
118. Emily and Daisy by Elsa Beskow a charming story from this lovely author about a little girl who is helping her mother on the farm.*

Week Sixteen

119. My First Fairyland Book by Suzanna Davidson, published by Usborne this is a delightful board book which introduces fairies, gnomes, elves and pixies to young children.  It is not much a story as a book for children to look for things in the lovely pictures.  I am surprised it has taken so long to get round to reading this, this year, my youngest loves this book.*
120. Angelina Ballerina by Katherine Holabird the book that introduced Angelina Ballerina to the world, sadly this means that the other books in the series often get overlooked and are just as good....*
121. P.B. Bear's World of Words by Lee Davis a story book which involves children looking for things in the pictures.  P.B. Bear is off on adventure where is he going and what is he building?*
122. Just Imagine by Pippa Goodhart with illustrations by Nick Sharratt each page asks the reader if they would like to be something different, big, small, in another period of history?*
123. Zacs and Zeb and the Make-Believe Birthday Party by Sarah Massini we love this story about birthdays, Zac has a wonderful party, at the end of the day Zeb wishes he could have a birthday too.  Zeb tells him he will one day which he thinks is the next day and is disappointed when it isn't until Zac comes up with a wonderful solution!

Week Seventeen

124. The Cat Who Got Carried Away by Allan Ahlberg a picture book for slightly older children, a good transition book from picture books to chapter books.  It is about a family called the Gaskitts who Allan Ahlberg has written other books about, it is a mad mystery story involving lots of running....
125. I Spy ABC by Vivian French an alphabet book with a difference part of the Reading Together series from Walker Books 
126. You Choose by Pippa Goodhart, we are little late to this book which has been around for some time we bought our copy this week.  My youngest loves this book and we have read it umpteen times this week, each time telling a different story.  This book is the reason we have so few new books read this week.....*

Week Eighteen

127. The Parrot Tico Tango by Anna White, Tico Tango likes the look of the fruit that all the other animals in the jungle are eating so he pinches it off them but can he carry it all?
128. Wolf's Magnificent Master Plan by Melanie Willimason Wolf has a rotten tooth but he cannot afford to pay the dentist so he comes up with a plan to make some money.....
129. The Promise by Nicola Davies a wonderful picture book for older children about a society that is grey and lifeless.  A young thief attempts to steal an old woman's bag which she lets the thief have provided they plant the contents, it is full of acorns.  A wonderful tale of the importance of nature in our lives.
130. The Great Balloon Hullabaloo by Peter Bently, Simon the squirrel has been asked to go to the shop by his mum rather than going to the shop he heads into space to buy what he needs.....
131. Lettice:The Fairy Ball by Mandy Stanley, Lettice is making a daisy chain which is taken by the fairies, they invite her to their ball as a thank you.
132. Meet the Parents by Peter Bently a very funny take on parents from a children's perspective this book will make you laugh out loud, brilliant!
133. How many Sleeps till my Birthday? Mark Sperring Little Pip is excited about his birthday and wakes his dad up every morning to find our how many days, a rather pertinent book to be reading this month as I am being asked the same question, but not woken up thankfully!
134. Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak a classic children's book, need I say more? 
135. Stick Man by Julia Donaldson, another classic from this wonderful author, a Stick Man who goes on an unexpected adventure but can he make it back to his family?
136. Red Car, Red Bus by Susan Stegall this is a wonderful book with few words but very interesting pictures which you can look for things in, track the story, tell your own stories........

Week Nineteen

137. Taking a Bath with the Dog by Scott Menchin, a little girl is not very happy, so she goes off to find out what makes others happy.....
138. The Very Clever Crocodile by Jack Tickle, a pop up book about a Crocodile who makes you jump!
139. Magic Farm: Friends Forever by Ashley Birch, a chapter book with pictures about a Magic Farm that three children love to visit.
140. The Snake who Came to Stay by Julia Donaldson,  another chapter book about a little girl who loves to look after animals they cause no end of trouble and then a snake comes......
141. Who wants to be a Poodle, Not I!  by Lauren Child, a wonderful story about a poodle who does not want to be pampered and preened but how can she tell her owner what she wants?
142. I will be especially very careful by Lauren Child, a Charlie and Lola story about a coat that goes missing......
143. Great Big Air Book by Richard Scarry, a wonderful book that explains air to children including the wind, what it does and how airplanes fly.*
144. Busiest People Ever by Richard Scarry, a charming book from this wonderful author about everyday life, as it was when the author wrote the story!*
145. The Tree that Grew through the Roof by Thomas Berger, an old couple collect acorns from the woods each autumn and store them in their cellar, one of the acorn sprouts and grows into a tree....*
146. Princess Grace by Mary Hoffman, a wonderful book about a little girl who wants to dress up as a princess for a parade but cannot decide what she would like to look like, she goes off and finds out about all the different princesses across the world.
147. Hen's Cake by Malachy Doyle, an interesting take on the well known story the Little Red Hen.*
148. Mouse Soup by Arnold Lobel, a classic that I read as a child, a mouse is about to be made into soup but averts it by telling stories which need to go into the soup.....*
149. Mr Stofflees and the Painted Tiger by Robin Mellor, an old book from the Oxford Reading Tree series about some children who live in a block of flats where nothing ever happens, one day the mysterious Mr Stofflees arrives who paints on walls, objects that come alive......*

Week Twenty

150. The Princess and the Wizard by Julia Donaldson, Princess Eliza has been put under a spell by a rather nasty wizard she has seven chances to escape but can she outwit the wizard?
151. Brown Rabbit in the City by Natalie Russell, Brown Rabbit goes to visit his friend in the city but life is too fast for him there and he just wants to spend time with his friend.
152. Little Red Riding Hood by Alison Jay, a wonderful take on this classic story with many other fairytale characters to spot in the illustrations, a beautiful book.
153. Amy's Three Best Things by Philippa Pearce, Amy is wants to go and stay at Granny's by herself she takes three things with her which help in remarkable ways when she is feeling homesick.
154. The Quick Brown Fox Cubby Julia Donaldson, a easy reading book from the banana storybook series, a fox moves to the city and loves the adventures he is having during the day not the usual time for a fox to explore.....
155. Look Inside an Airport by Rob Lloyd Jones, a non fiction book from this lovely Usborne series, this one introduces children to the workings of an airport with flaps to lift to reveal more information or inside the picture.

Week Twenty Two

156. Esme's Eggs by Neil Griffiths, a charming story about a chicken, Esme, who follows here eggs on over the place as she attempts to get them warm.
157. Superworm by Julia Donaldson, a another classic from this lovely author.
158. Hog in the Fog by Julia Copus, a lovely rhyming story about a wee mouse who invites her friend the hog for a picnic but it is foggy and hog hasn't arrived......
159. Horse by Malachy Doyle, a beautifully illustrated book about a horse's development from birth to fully grown.
160. Pip and Posy, The Scary Monster by Axel Scheffler, a charming story from the series about the wonderful friends Pip and Posy.
161. A Royal Fairytale by Ink Robin a book about Prince William, meeting and marrying Kate.

Week Twenty Three

162. Aristotle by Dick King-Smith, this is a charming story, a chapter book, about a mischievous kitten
163. Ivor the Engine: The Dragon by Oliver Postgate, a classic Ivor the Engine story*
164. Don't Dip Your Chips in Your Drink, Kate! by Caryl Hart, a funny take on manners, a little girl, Kate has appalling manners in her mothers eyes then she gets invited to tea with the queen....
165. I Took the Moon for a Walk by Carolyn Curtis a lovely bedtime story about the possibilities in life.

Week Twenty Four

166.  Help We Need a Title by Herve Tullet, I love this author!  A quirky interactive book that just needs to be read...
167. Peppa Meets the Queen. I am not a fan of Peppa, my youngest chose this book from the library

Week Twenty Six

168. Little Red Riding Hood by Mandy Ross, the well known classic story
169. Honestly, Red Riding Hood was Rotten by Trisha Shaskan, a slightly different take on the last entry the story written from the wolf's point of view.
170. Why Monkeys Swing in the Trees by Claudia Lloyd a tinga tinga tale about how monkeys came to be using their tales to swing from the trees.

Week Twenty Seven

171. My Name is Bob by James Bowen, a beautiful true story about a cat who finds itself on the street.*
172. All in a Day by Cynthia Rylant, a wonderfully illustrated story about what it is possible to achieve in a day.*
173. The Glass Heart by Sally Gardner a rather charming fairy story set in Venice about three princesses with glass hearts.*
174. Fruits and Vegetables by Carrie Branigan, an introduction to the food we eat,  how it grows and the different parts of plants we eat.
175. My Amazing Body by Pat Thomas, introducing the importance of health and fitness
176. What's so Good about vegetables? by Ronne Randall an introduction to nutrition.

Week Twenty Eight

177. The Ice Princess by Mandy Stanley, a charming book from the Lettice rabbit series.
178. Lulu and the Treasure Hunt by Emma Chichester Clark an interesting story about looking after each other and considering other peoples thoughts.

Week Twenty Nine

179. Alice the Tennis Fairy by Daisy Meadows, an illustrated chapter book from a series of sporty fairies, two girls attempt to reduce a magic racquet from the hands of the goblins who have taken it.*
180. Walking Through the Jungle by Debbie Harter, a charming book about animals from Barefoot Books
181. L'Ours dans la villa by Stella Blackstone, a dual language book, a great introduction to French, introduces the days of the week and vocabulary around the town
182. L'Ours a la mason by Stella Blackstone, as per 181, this book introduces the words for rooms and daily activities.

Week Thirty

183. Don't Spill the Milk by Stephen Davies, a lovely book based in an unknown African country about a little girl carrying milk to her father, the very colourful illustrations are wonderful, this is a good book for introducing children to other cultures.
184. The Goggle-Eyed Goats by Stephen Davies, a lovely book based in Mali with very colourful illustrations an interesting way to introduce children to other cultures.
185. Oso en un cuadrado by Stella Blackstone, a dual language book from the same series as 181 and 182 this time in Spanish, introduces colours and shapes
186. The Enormous Turnip retold by Cristiana Cerretti, a take on this well known story.
187. Owl goes to Town by Jenny Brown, a charming book about an Owl who is preparing a surprise, she visits all the shops in town which you can explore with her lifting the flaps.  Beautifully illustrated and a lovely way to introduce some new vocabulary or practice reading.
188. Beauty and the Beast retold by Michael Dahl, a graphic novel take on this well known story.
189. Abigail by Catherine Rayner, a beautifully illustrated book about a giraffe who loves to count but nothing that she is counting will stay still.....
190. The Mermaid's Treasure Hunt by Dereen Taylor a fun book with 3D windows.

Week Thirty One

191. Summer Story by Jill Barklem, one of the much loved Bramley Hedge stories, I missed these as a child as they were published when I was a bit too old for them.  The Summer story sees the occupants of Bramley Hedge preparing for a wedding.  The illustrations are wonderful in all her books.*
192. The Moomins and the Great Flood by Tove Jansson, a wonderful story that my mother read to me as child the first book in the Mommins series with wonderful illustrations.  This is a long picture book, perfect for slightly older children
193. Mama, is is Summer Yet? by Nikki McClure, another beautiful book from this wonderful author/illustrator about the signs of summer arriving.*
194, Alfie Gives a Hand by Shirley Hughes, we love the Alfie books here this story is about helping your friends.*
195. Katie Morag and the Grand Concert by Mairi Hedderwick, lots of classic children's stories this week!  Katie Morag is another favourite here this one is about a concert which doesn't go quite to plan.....*
196. In the Land of the Faeries by Daniela Drescher, a delightful book about the seasons through the eyes of the faeries. *

Week Thirty Two

197. Yummy Scrummy by Ashley Birch, a chapter book about some children who visit a magic farm and have wonderful adventures this one involves lots of fruit.
198. Star Seeker by Theresa Heine, a charming introduction to the solar system from barefoot books, as story and fact book combined.
199. Autumn by Anita Ganeri, in preparation for the next season we read this together to find out more about some of the festivals celebrated round the world.
200. Stuck by Oliver Jeffers, a can't believe there hasn't been an Oliver Jeffers book on this list yet!  This is a wonderful story about a little boy who gets his kite stuck up a tree and the weird and wonderful way he sets about retrieving it.
201. Betty and the Yeti by Ella Burfoot, a lovely story about a little girl Ella who finds some pieces of clothing but cannot find who they belong to.........
202. Felix the Fast Tractor and the Coal Delivery by Catherine Cannon, we love these books written by a local author, in this one Felix helps to get the coal when the train cannot get through in the snow.

Week Thirty Three

203. Delphie and the Birthday Show by Darcey Bussell, a good introduction to chapter books a ballerina, some magic dancing shoes and a faraway land of ballet and magic what more could you want?
204. Party! by Jess Stockham, this is a book aimed at younger children than mine the text is very simple, the pictures tell a story too, however if your child is just learning to read these are perfect for that too.
205. Zoe and the Fairy Medicine by Jane Andrews, a fun story about Fairies who give a fairy the wrong medicine and now they need to find an antidote but the ingredients are guarded by a scary troll, or is he?  (scary that is!)
206. Lila and the Secret of Rain by David Conway, a charming story about a village in Kenya who need it to rain as their crops are failing and the well is running dry, Lila knows what to do but will it work?
207. L'ours au Soleil by Stella Blackstone, a dual language book in the same series as 181, 182 and 185, this one in French introduces the seasons and the weather.
208. Weasels by Elys Dolan a fun book about Weasels planning world domination!

Week Thirty Six

209. The Fantastic Mr Wani by Kanako Usui, Mr Wani, a crocodile, is trying to get to a party but will he make it?
210. Topsy and Tim Play Football by Jean Adamson, a fun story about these well loved twins.
211. Ferocious Wild Beasts by Chris Wormell, a little boy ventures into the woods where his mother has told him not to go as it contains lots of wild beasts, but who turns out to be the scariest of them all?
212. Get Well Friends by Kes Gray, 
213. Alfie Gives a Hand by Shirley Hughes, Alfie goes to a party but he is not sure about being there without his mum but it is fine and he finds himself helping out one of the other party guests.*
214. Angelina's Baby Sister by Katherine Holabird, Angelina now has a baby sister but all is not as she expected, a lovely book for a child who is about to have sibling added to the family.*
215. Angelina's Ballet Class by Katherine Holabird, the book that sparked the Angelina Ballerina series.*
216. Fox's Socks by Julia Donaldson, a fun lift the flap book about a fox who is looking for his socks in the most unlikely places, this book is good to read to very young children and for older children to read themselves.*
217. Rabbit's Nap by Julia Donaldson, a fun lift the flap book about a rabbit trying to have a sleep but all her friends are so noisy, this book is good to read to very young children and for older children to read themselves.*
218. Hide and Seek Piga fun lift the flap book a this much loved game, this book is good to read to very young children and for older children to read themselves.*
219. Minty and Think by Emma Chichester Clark, a charming story about a little girl who is trying to buy a present for her little brother.......
220. You Can't Eat a Princess by Gillian Rogerson, a fun story about a princess who is celebrating her birthday but she cannot find her father who it turns out has been abducted by aliens!
221. Primrose by Alex T Smith, a Princess who is not allowed to have fun as it involves her getting dirty, Granma comes along to sort her out with unexpected results......
222. Zoe and the Wishing Star by Jane Andrews, Zoe is a fairy who helps a little girl with some fairy magic.
223. Let's Find Mimi: At Home by Katherine Lodge, a wonderful book a short story with fairly busy pictures which you have to find Mimi and her family in, a Where's Wally for younger children
224. Out of the Blue by Alison Jay a beautiful wordless book about the seaside, the options for stories are endless.........

Week Thirty Seven

225. Another Fine Mess by Tony Bonning, Fox has a visitor and he needs to tidy his den.  He throws his rubbish outside with rather unexpected results....
226.  I absolutely love animals by Lauren Child, a fun book (Charlie and Lola) from this wonderful author.
227. Hickory Dickory Dog by Alison Murray a interesting take on the well known nursery rhyme.

Week Thirty Eight

228. I am not a Copycat by Ann Bonwill, two animal friends, in an unlikely pairing, one copies the other with interesting results!
229. Vanilla Ice Cream by Bob Graham, we love this author and this book follows the journey of a wild sparrow which sets in motion a first experience for a toddler on the other side of the world.....
230. Hello Twins by Charlotte Voake, a charming story about the differences and similarities between twins.
231. King Jack and the Dragon by Peter Bently, its bedtime and three friends are marching away from bed to stay away from the beasties..........
232. Harris the Hero by Lynne Richards,  Harris wants something to do and finds a lost baby seal, he helps him and meets lots of other sea animals on the way
233. I want my light on by Tony Ross, a princess is scared of the dark and ghosts.....
234. The High Hills by Jill Barklem, a wonderful story from the Bramley Hedge series about the autumn.*
235. The Play by Janey Lousie Jones, Poppy is putting on a play but all does not go to plan.....
236. The Tree by Tim Vyner, a wonderful story set in a tree.*
237. The Fairytale Hairdresser and Snow White by Albie Longstaff, a fun book about well known fairytale characters. 
238. The Heart and the Bottle by Oliver Jeffers, I love this book, it is probably one of my favourite Oliver Jeffers books, I wrote a long review of it here.
239. Bear's School Day by Stella Blackstone, a fun book about bear at school.
240. Where Giant's Hide by Mij Kelly, a wonderful story about a little girl on the search for magic.

Week Forty

241. Why Elephant has a Trunk, a fun tale from the Tinga Tinga series.
242. Hooray for Bread by Allan Ahlberg, a wonderful book about what happens to each slice of bread in a loaf.
243. I can do it! by Ruth Martin, a very simple book about a child learning to dress themselves. 
244. Too Princessy! by Jean Reidy, its a rainy day but nothing appeals in the toy box......
245. This is actually my Party by Lauren Child, a Charlie and Lola story about Lola spoiling Charlie's party
246. We must completely go to London by Lauren Child, a fun Charlie and Lola story about their visit to London.
247. Where's Tumpty by Polly Dunbar we love these books they are bit young for my children now but they still love hearing them, Tumpty is trying to hide but everyone can see him, then he disappears......

Week Forty One

248. I Love You by Giles Andreae, a fun story for little ones about all the things in their world.
249. Maudie and Bear by Jan Omerod, a beautiful set of stories that I reviewed in detail here.
250. It's Not Fairy by Ros Asquith, a rather odd story about fairness something I usually shy away from but I didn't choose the book......
251. I Love you Just the Way you Are by Tammi Salzano, a charming story about a mothers' love for her child and how it know no bounds.
252. The Princess who had no Kingdom by Ursula Jones, one of my favourite children's story books the illustrations are exquisite another book I have reviewed in detail.
253. A Lion in the Meadow by Margaret Mahy, a wonderful story about a child's imagination......
254. My Own Special Way by Mithaa al Khayyat, a lovely story set in the middle east about the youngest daughter in a large family finding her own way to do things.
255. A Rainbow Shopping Day by Vivian French, a fun exploration of colours.
256. Noah's Ark by Georgie Adams a retelling of this well known tale.

Week Forty Two

257. We Gather Together by Wendy Pfeffer, a wonderful book for the Autumn bought for our seasonal table, it covers what happens to the weather (in the Northern Hemisphere) at this time of year, how the harvest is celebrated the world over, and facts about Equinoxes. *
258. Christopher's Harvest Time by Elsa Beskow another charming story from this lovely author who is a firm favourite in our house, Christopher meets a little spirit in his garden and meet all the harvest folk dwelling there. *

Week Forty Three

259. We Love Divali by Saviour Pirotta, a lovely introduction to this interesting festival for children
260. The Divali Story by Anita Ganeri, one of the stories that is traditionally told at Divali.

Week Forty Five

261. George and Flora's Secret Garden by Jo Elworthy, George and Flora plant and tend a garden to provide the food to help celebrate the birth of their sibling.
262. Skip through the Seasons by Stella Blackstone, a charming book about the things that we can do through the seasons.
263. The Gunpowder Plot by Liz Gogerly, an introduction to the background behind the plot
264. Bonfire Night by Clare Chandler, an introduction to the reason we 'celebrate' at this time of year
265. Life Stories:Guy Fawkes by Clare Chandler, a history behind the man who was to light the gunpowder.
266. April Underhill by Bob Graham, April is a tooth fairy on her very first mission, can she collect the tooth without being spotted?

Week Forty Six

267. Hello Kitty is... Little Red Riding Hood, a take on the well known fairytale....
268. Orange Juice, Peas! by Lari Don, a charming book about a little girl who is learning to talk, a babysitter doesn't understand her with rather interesting results.
269. Maisy goes to the Museum by Lucy Cousins, a simple picture book about what a young child might see and do in a museum 
270. Why Chameleon Changes Colour, a Tinga Tinga tale, a folktale on Chameleons.
271. I'm really ever so not well by Lauren Child, we love Charlie and Lola and this one did not dissapoint!
272. One Ted Falls Out of Bed by Julia Donaldson a fun counting book from this well known children's author.

Week Forty Seven

273. Sugarlump and the Unicorn by Julia Donaldson, another fun story from this author, be careful what you wish for.......
274. Bluebird by Bob Staake, a wordless book which allows the child to tell the story
275. Happy Birthday Jamela by Niki Daly, Jamela really wants sparkly shoes for her birthday but her mother won't buy them for her, she decorates the pair she ends up with which has an interesting result 
276. Ella Bella and Cinderella by James Mayhew, we like this series which introduces the ballets to young children.
277. I'm Katzenzirkus by Gisela Buomburger  another wordless book, lots of busy and amazing pictures of cats, I have written a longer review which you can find here.

Week Forty Nine

278. Nat the Cat's Sunny Smile by Jez Alborough, Nat is having a lovely day and takes a picnic to share with her friends they are not having such a good day though, it looks like she will have to take a picnic on her own......
279. Pip and Posy: The Big Balloon by Axel Scheffler, a simple picture book about friendship.
280. The Crocodile Under the Bed by Judith Kerr, a charming story about a little boy who is unable to go to a party with the rest of his family as he is unwell.....
281. Walk with a Wolf by Janni Howker, a beautiful book about Wolves, where they live, what they eat etc.  The illustrations are beautiful.
282. Suddenly by Colin Mc Naughton, a peculiar story which was in a story sack with 281 which was infinitely the better book in the sack.  Perhaps a better story could have been chosen.
283. Use you Imagination by Nicola O'Byrne, a fun story about a rabbit and fox, the fox is desperate to eat the rabbit.....
284. Angelina's Christmas by Katherine Holabird another lovely book from the Angelina series a wonderful story about not forgetting those on their own at this time of year.

Week Fifty

285. Anthony Ant's Creepy Crawly Party by Lorna and Graham Philpott, a fun maze book where you have to help Anthony Ant deliver his party invitations.
286. Anthony Ant's Treasure Hunt by Lorna and Graham Philpott, another maze book where you have to help Anthony Ant and his friends to find where the treasure is hidden.
287. Sparkle Street: The Daisy Disaster by Vivian French, Ellie and Emma are helping Rosa in her flower shop there doesn't seem to be enough flowers for all the orders....
288. Where in the World is Bob? by James Bowen, a book a la Where's Wally but finding a cat, his owner and various other objects
289. Polly's Pink Pyjamasby Vivian French, Polly loves her pyjamas she wears them all the time, she is invited to a party and needs to find something to wear, or does she?
290. The Gift by Carol Ann Duffy, a beautiful book about a little girl and her love of plants and nature she meets a lady in the woods who makes her a promise for when she is old, we follow her life and the promise is made.
291. Otto the Book Bear by Kate Cleminson, a bear who climbs out of the book he lives in to explore the house where he is stored, one day the book has been packed and the owners move house, bear is stuck outside his book, can he find another to live in?


  1. awesome way to keep track of your books! A separate page, genius! I'll have to check out some of these titles that I've never heard of.

  2. Love all your books! There are many I'll need to check out from our library.

  3. We like the Pirates next door. Great story that one.

  4. This is a great list - so useful to see everything on one page. I Spy ABC sounds good. How old are your little ones?

    1. They are not so little now, eldest is nine youngest will be five at the end of May. Both school age tho' not at school


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