23 March 2015


...this week of...

...happiness a wonderful walk on a snowy hill, watching the eclipse through the clouds, a weekend with friends

...sadness friends in debt who take lots of expensive holidays, buy things when they want them rather than need them, scrimp on food quality and complain that they never have any money

...creating a front piece of a cardigan, a sewing pattern, a knitted piglet and sheep, lots of cake

...reading Secrets of the Sea House by Elisabeth Gifford, and to the children A Circus Adventure by Emily Bearn and several myths and legends about the sun.

...learning about the sun, friction, adding up, reading maps, contours, equinox, eclipses

...thinking about my garden

...wondering about presents for my niece and nephew

...hoping to give the house a bit of a spring clean and declutter this week

...enjoying this

...looking forward to a quiet weekend!


The photo is not the moon but the sun during a partial eclipse!


  1. A wonderful list, even though some parts are sad. I can't really say anything about the friends in debt. My husband and I were the same before we had kids and are still fixing it as we speak. It comes down to happiness and chasing it in the wrong places. It,s a hard lesson to learn and you end up having to spend a great deal of time fixing your mistakes, but all worth it in the end : Happiness from within, the greatest gift from Heaven!

    1. I am sad for them for those very reasons. They are chasing happiness in the wrong places, I would love to help just don't really know how.

  2. Yes the equinox, how amazing that you captured it- lovely that you all are studying now. We rototilled the garden, feeling optimistic. Beautiful song.
    Have a lovely weekend

  3. We have some friends like that too. Sigh....
    All we can do is THINK about our garden. It's still covered in snow. It's so hard to get in the Spring cleaning mood when it's so cold outside. Have a wonderful week!

  4. What a beautiful capture of the eclipse. And how special it happened on the equinox.

  5. what a lovely eclipse photo x

  6. Oh, can I relate to the friends making you sad part. I know exactly what you're talking about and it makes me very upset. Your photo of the eclipse is really gorgeous, thank you for sharing.

  7. Oh your sun picture is fantastic - I never thought of just pointing the camera and firing it without looking so all my eclipse photos are of the inside of our pinhole camera - it's still cool to see though :)

  8. what a fantastic picture !!!

  9. That's a great photo of the eclipse. My son is studying Astrophysics at uni so he watched the eclipse through solar telescopes in the observatory, he said he'd had a great view. There's so many people who take out debt to fund their lifestyles, I don't know how they sleep at night, it would be a constant worry to me.

  10. Such a great capture of the eclipse! I hope you got to enjoy your quiet weekend - they're my favourite kind :) xo


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