16 March 2015


...this week of...

...happiness a beautiful sunny day spent outside, meeting and making some new friends, catching up with some old friends we haven't seen for months, 

...sadness a friend who is really struggling right now, she has not been far from my thoughts this week

...creating more wee gnomes, the back of a cardigan, a knitted pig, a bender for Forest School, the beginnings of a new sewing pattern, watercolour paintings

...reading The Day without Yesterday by Stuart Clark, and to the children A Circus Adventure by Emily Bearn and several myths and legends about the Moon

...learning about the Moon, Drovers, Pilgrims, Queen Elizabeth I, gravity, Moonraking legend/myth

...thinking about the sun and hoping that it will shine this week for our project and the eclipse on Friday

...wondering about our rhythm and whether we are too busy

...hoping to take the children up a big hill this week

...enjoying this

...looking forward to a play day with several local orchestras 


  1. My youngest is very excited about the solar eclipse too. I may keep him off school that morning to see it.... X

  2. Your post it's full of interesting and good things.. . sorry about your friend :(
    I am looking forward fo that Sun as well, it hasn't been around here for a few days. ..

    Have a great week!!

    Lluisa xoxo

  3. Sounds like you have a lot going on as well as being a kindred spirit with your thoughts on your friend. I hope the sun shines for you the whole week and climb that hill with your kiddos!

  4. It sounds like good things! I will keep your friend in my thoughts. Have a wonderful week.

  5. I am very exited about the solar eclypse this coming Friday, hope it is clear. The last time I witnessed one it was very eery. Your life sounds very exiting, orchestra and all! Enjoy. x

  6. It all sounds like a very good kind of busy-ness. Enjoy this week!

  7. I love reading about the things your family is doing. We're always keeping our eye on the moon over here.

  8. It is tough to stay "unbusy", isn't it? So much goodness out there to do. We fell into a busy trap a few years ago, it was tough, but didn't last long, I realized pretty quickly it was too much for my little man, and too much for me.

    Hope the sun shines on your this week.

  9. When I was homeschooling I used to find that the too busy generally resolved itself and before I knew where I was we were unbusy for a while again.

    It certainly sounds like your days are full, but in the richest way.

  10. That " just right" rhythm thing can be an elusive quality to pin down, can't it? Hope you have fun on your play day - several orchestras - wow. XO


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