09 March 2015


...this week of...

...happiness sunshine and blue sky, my sourdough starter, a lovely day out on the train, an evening with friends

...sadness at the difficulties a friend is having right now

...creating some wee gnomes, a shawl, two cardigans, two lavender hearts, paper

...reading Sensorium of God by Stuart Clark, to the children A Circus Adventure by Emily Bearn, the Story of Esther, several myths and legends about creation of the sky, the stars and the solar system

...learning about telescopes, bugs, sky, atmosphere, astronomy, Purim, Chinese Lantern Festival, Holi

...thinking about our solar system project

...wondering about presents to make for all the birthdays in April/May in our family

...hoping to have clear skies at night this week so that we can observe the moon

...enjoying this

...looking forward to a busy but fun weekend - we hope!


  1. Everything seems so interesting and exciting. Sorry for your friend. ..

    Have a nice week!

    Lluisa xoxo

  2. We are busy with spring birthdays too, quite a rash of them in March, April and May. Must be birthday season! X

  3. The sunshine and blue sky has been wonderful this weekend, hasn't it? It was drizzly here for most of yesterday but the sun came out again late afternoon. Back to rain again today though. It's funny how we have busy periods for birthdays, ours is around July time, but there's a few in February and March too.

  4. Oh the glorious sunshine and blue skies does so much for our spirit, eh? We are enjoying it to, even if the ground is still covered in too much snow :)

    Thanks for the introduction to the Great Lake Swimmers...just lovely.

  5. Wishing you the best week ahead. I LOVE your music choices- this group as Agnes is lovely.
    Enjoy all the learning and projects you are doing!

  6. We've had a lot of birthdays lately too. And I never have any stamps for posting all those cards...
    Beautiful snowdrops.
    Wishing you a lovely week.
    S x

  7. I love the snowdrops, how pretty. We're giving our telescope a workout lately too. I hope you'll share more about your solar system project.

  8. Oh snowdrops are just so pretty - especially with a bit more snow to surround them!

  9. Ooh, snowdrops! It must be spring!!

  10. Beautiful!!! Enjoy the warming weather. Sunshine and blue skies do wonders for the soul!

  11. your poor little snowdrops look cold! Your happiness moments look particularly happy to me this week - what a nice combination :) XO

  12. Your weeks always seem filled with so much fun and excitement!


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