06 February 2015


...right now...

We are six weeks into this year.

Six weeks of bumpiness
of feeling that we are not quite on 'our' rails.
Slightly off track
with more illness than in the last six years.
Our rhythm is out of sync
with illness and weather cancelling our plans.
We are happy
content in our togetherness.

Life is golden like the reeds.

I wonder what the future will bring..........


inspired by Sliver a writealm prompt


  1. Possibly not the best start to the year then! I do hope you all feel better soon!

  2. I hope you all feel better soon and that you feel more in sync again. x

  3. Sorry to hear you have had a bumpy few weeks, hope things improve for you all soon. X

  4. Lovely image. Hope that the second half of winter sees you all well and back on track.

  5. Mmmm, lovely words that reflect on both the ups and downs of our lives. Beautiful photo! xo

  6. Oh that six weeks of bumpiness sounds about like us! Here's hoping we find the rails soon :)

  7. Life's like that of course full of ups and downs and it's this that makes us really appreciate the ups! Hope you will all be well soon and that alone will help get you back on track.

  8. Hoping your find your rhythm again, and that everyone is feeling better soon.

  9. Hope you are feeling better soon. We've had an off year with illness so far too, lots going around. Trying to enjoy Winter, but ugh. xx

  10. We've been struggling lately too. Being ill has made things grind to a halt but things are slowly starting to move ahead again, along with the signs of the coming spring.
    I hope you and yours emerge soon too.
    S x


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