11 February 2015


Every morning on getting up the list of things 'to do' is long.
It feels like it gets longer each day as new jobs are added and old ones are not crossed off.
The overwhelm makes the sofa an attractive place to sit and hide.
Displacement activity some would call it.

Then a little light comes on, a seed of an idea..........

The list doesn't have to be done all at once, does it?
One thing at a time,
reduce the focus.

If there are too many mountains to climb in one day,
exhaustion sets in before starting.

Staying in the moment,
when the list is long,
focusing on each task,
enjoying it,
then moving on......

There, that's better.

Far more sustaining.


Inspired by Luminescent a writealm prompt.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. And all those to-dos before you even begin to list the things you'd like to do, given the time.
    Your philosophy is just right. I'm guilty of multitasking and getting things half done.
    Time to slow down I think.
    S x

  2. I recognise the displacement activity,and my 'to do' lists seem to get longer every day...! X

  3. Yes that's it, just focus on one and then just keep going and if something can't be done well, it's not the end of the world, isn't it? :)

    Lluisa xoxo

  4. Oh yes, I know just what you mean, especially on those days when the mountain of activities has me exhausted before I've even begun. A wonderful reminder to focus on just one thing at a time, thank you for sharing it :) XO

  5. I know that overwhelming feeling. I'm learning to take it one at a time and push away the panic.

  6. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing it:)

  7. Well said. I try and keep my list 'to do' to a minimum and anything else that gets done is a bonus.

  8. Every journey begins with a single step and the same can be said of dealing with lists or any other overwhelming task. Bit at a time is definitely the way to go. Love the new layout by the way.

  9. Oh, yes, I know the feeling...a list so long, it's hard to know where to start. But when you just focus on the thing at hand, most of it manages to get done (and all the rest? all in good time).

  10. I know this rhythm…so glad you're focusing and enjoying whilst working!

  11. That sounds like my mornings - the long list of things to do getting ever longer until it just gets overwhelming. Still one step at a time and eventually we might get there!


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