01 December 2014

Slow Living

It is always lovely to look back and reflect on what you have done over the previous weeks or months, taking stock, observing changes and celebrating achievements.  Even better if you can join together and see hat others have been doing too in their part of the world, blogging is a wonderful way of making the world a smaller place.  Christine over a Slow Living Essentials started this wonderful reflection and has now passed the baton onto Linda at Greenhaven for the monthly linkup  here are mine for November...

...nourish we have moved into root season, most of what we eat over the coming months is root vegetables.  I am loving this at the moment but I know by early Spring I will be yearning for the lightness of some Spring veg which is always slow in coming.  For now we are enjoying the delights of Colcannon and Root Veg and Blue Cheese Bake amongst others.

...prepare I have made a lot of soup this month eating some but much of it ending up in the freezer to be used over the coming months for extras at lunch when we fancy soup as well as whatever else we are having.  I have also made a huge batch of rolls, instant lunch!

...reduce we celebrated a birthday this month which always means more stuff coming into the house. It is at birthdays and Christmas that I usually have a big clear out.  So this month I have been finding bits and pieces from all over the house that we make no use of anymore.  I regularly clear out the children's clothes with the changes of the season anyway this was about books, toys and similar.  I had a huge bag of books and games to take to the charity shop, it was so heavy I am surprised I managed to carry it!  The spaces they left have soon been filled by the piles of things without homes!

...green despite my making considerable use of it I have realised that I have never posted about bicarb of soda or as some call it baking soda.  Since finding that I could not tolerate Limonene on my skin, an ingredient in all the household cleaners and toiletries in my house I have been using this as a replacement.  It has become my shampoo, my surface cleaner on all surfaces including floors, a carpet deodoriser, to make deodorant and toothpaste, a dishwasher powder and a washing powder for clothes!

...grow you would be forgiven for thinking that not a lot was growing in my garden at the moment given the cool temperatures at this time of year but I have been amazed to find that some lettuce plants that I sewed late in the summer are still going strong.  We are having regular frosts but still these plants are fine.  They are not growing but they are big enough that I can pick leaves each week for my lunch!  This month has been about tidying up in the garden, weeding and dead heading.  My compost bin is very grateful for the extra food!  I have sown garlic and spring bulbs in readiness for next year.  I have also got round to doing a job I have been meaning to do for about five years, dividing my rhubarb plant.  You can only do it in the dormant period of the plant which is about now, end of Autumn/beginning of Winter.  It is usually so horrible weather wise at that time of year, either we are covered in snow or it is wet and grey, but it is now done, I am hoping that I have not killed the plant of completely time will tell.......

...create it has been another busy month on the creative front, making presents mostly.  I have sewn up a bag for my mum to carry her music out and about in, I noticed she was using a sturdy paper bag when I last visited.  I have also sewn five fabric bowls from this lovely book they are really quick to make up!  I have also made another cape a birthday present for a friend of my youngest.  My needles have been busy too making hats, one for me, and one you can read about below, and rows on a cardigan for me, a vest and a scarf as a present.  I also managed to finish of a cardigan that has been waiting for buttons and ends weaving in, it is lovely and warm, perfect of the cooler weather we now have.

...discover I love to cook, always from scratch.  I posted about my recipe books and how I use them earlier this month.  I have come across a few books recently on the web that are about the wonderful food of the Middle East, of Lebanon, Iran, Syria to name but a few and I discovered one in the library that I have been reading this month.  It is the best kind of book about food, one with recipes interwoven with life, in this case that of the author Anissa Helou.  The recipes make me want to head straight into the kitchen and start chopping.

...enhance I knitted a hat this month, nothing special in that I suppose but it was knitted for a lady I have never met nor am I likely too.  A fellow blogger put out a request for knitted hats for a friend of hers who was about to start chemotherapy, the hats were to keep her head warm in the cold of winter as the chemo usually results in hair loss.  The hat was knitted and sent to the US with my best wishes for her recovery.

...enjoy the highlight this month has been celebrating the birth of my eldest.  He turned ten which felt like a significant age to reach, I am sure I will say that when he reaches other ages in the next few years too!  In some ways it doesn't feel as if I have been a parent for ten years, but in others well.........!  We didn't have a party because that is not my eldest's style we had three days of fun.  First with a day out birdwatching, the middle day his actual birthday we spent at forest school and the last day he had a friend over for an afternoon play and tea.


  1. I love these posts of yours. So nice to read about your everyday. 10 is a big one. It is amazing to watch them turn into the person that they were meant to be. Parties are highly overrate...sounds like he celebrated perfectly. I love your knitting project, such a gorgeous colorway. I hope you and your family have a wonderful week.

  2. Hello,
    I look forward to your posts, learning about your family and how you make the best use of your time. I admire your skills and talents, especially with homeschooling your children and making your meals, all from scratch. I like seeing your projects, and am curious about which pattern you used for today's post. Would you please e-mail the name?

    1. Hi, thank you for your lovely comment! I am not sure which pattern you are after? I have not been able to find an email address for you on your blogger profile so have replied here ;)

  3. Sounds as if you have been busy in the slow lane there!

  4. Oh, you're another bicarb convert! We buy ours in bulk these days; I even put it in the loo befor bed so I'm ready to scrub in the morning. I love all your knitting!

  5. I love the happy feeling of soup squirreled away in the freezer ready for nourishing lunches x

  6. You have reminded me about sodium bicarb. I go through stages of using it and then I run out and the habit has gone. Make lots of bath bombs at this time of year, but that is a different grade. I love the subtitles you use to record the every day things that would be lost, but is all part of the day.

  7. Lovely post, I especially love the hat that you made. What a thoughtful gesture.

  8. Your days sound like they are filled with so much hand created and crafted goodness. I am glad that someone else views birthdays and holidays as events that mean "more stuff". I have reached a point in my frugality/desire for less, that I am actually dreading them a bit, just because of this fact. One toy in, one toy out is a good rule of thumb. I also use baking soda to clean, along with plain water and eco-friendly dishsoap. Though I also use a product called Bon-Ami, which is a bit more abrasive, but still without chemicals (I use that on the toilets).

  9. I love the idea of taking time to reflect on what you've made. Thanks for the reminder:) I'm sure that your mom was thrilled to have a sturdier bag to carry her music in. Utility sewing is the most satisfying kind! Hope your week is bright:)

  10. Lovely post, I share your enjoyment of root veggies now and the knowledge that when that first lettuce comes up next spring I will be ecstatic! Love your yarn colors as well. Ten is a great age for boys - enjoy. Thank you for sharing with us!

  11. Oh what a lovely post - it is good to step back and just notice where we are right now and all the good things around isn't it - and so easy to forget with all the crazy busy of life!

  12. Ahh your Colcannon recipe is a favorite around here, but I've yet to try the Root Veg and Blue Cheese Bake.
    That's a lovely hat, and so kind of you to make it and send it to the US.
    I planned spring bulbs too but my dog and his sister dug them all up and chewed them to bits! I'm going to plant some more but in window boxes this time so they can't get their paws on them.
    How do you use bicarb as I carpet deodoriser? do you just sprinkle it on and vacuum it up? our wee Bunny has had a few accidents and the living room mat could do with a freshen up!

  13. I like the way your eldest celebrates! Sounds like fun :) Your hat turned out wonderfully, what a thoughtful gift it makes and those recipes sound delicious (love culcannon) - must ry. Thanks so much for sharing. xo

  14. Hello, joining you from Linda's blog, its so interesting to see what you're up to on the other side of the world from me! Similar but different :) nice to meet you!

  15. All that lovely knitting….sigh…. Ive fallen off the knitting bandwagon again! The small cardigan I started for my granddaughter is a few rows from finished but I've just lost momentum. You've inspired me to pull it out and finish them! Thankyou!
    Its lovely to stop by and see what friends in the wintery north are doing while we are steadily getting warmer weather here in the south! Wishing you all the best for a merry festive season from Australia!


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