31 December 2014


...this year of...

the moments that made me happiest at the end of last year were happy moments this year too, but one of the reasons I love to write these posts each week is to find beauty in those ordinary moments, the small things that could pass me by if I did not pause to consider them, quiet time, time with family, time at home, celebrating festivals, meeting with friends, our garden and the veggies we grow, spending time outdoors each week are but a few of them.

the horrendous accident which my brother had this year.  He cycles to work every day come rain or shine a distance of over five miles one way and has cycled thousands of miles without incident.  It was still dark on the morning of the accident, too late to avoid an unlit skip parked illegally in the road he hit it bounced in and back out onto the road.  He moved it four inches.  He suffered multiple injuries and has one uninjured limb, it could be July before can get back on a bike.  We are so lucky to still have him with us.  He was saved by his helmet, please if you are a cyclist and don't wear one start to today.

amongst many things Viking Costumes, a King Winter for our seasonal table, a shawl for my mother, a fulled bowl, a Mother Earth for our seasonal table, an Owl Storysack, a Gnomeclothes for a dolly, Fabric Buckets, a lined shift dress TutorialStrawberry Peg People for our seasonal table and many Christmas Presents

I have read more books than I ever expected to this year,  I have made time for reading in my life going to bed early and reading until I feel sleepy.  I am also sleeping a lot better for it too.  A few books I have really enjoyed are Consolation by Anna Galvalda a beautiful story about second choices, Gossip from the Forest by Sara Maitland, a charming look at the link between forests and fairytales, The Still Point by Amy Sackville a woman attemping to tidy her ancestral home makes an unexpected discovery about her past, The Beautiful Truth by Belinda Seaward set in Kraków in World War Two and modern day UK, Kith by Jay Griffiths an examination of childhood, a four part fantasy by William Horwood each book set in one of the four seasons, the last two books in the MaddAddam trilogy by Margaret Atwood a highly believable story set in the future, Citadel by Kate Mosse set in World War Two in occupied France, The Summer Garden by Paullina Simons the final book in The Bronze Horseman Trilogy, The Secret Life of Trees by Colin Tudge and The Luminaries by Eleanor Caton a very long and intriguing story set in New Zealand during the gold rush.

about so many wonderful things which I have written about each time I post about our moments, it has been a year of steady, slow changes this year.  The sort that if you don't focus on them they get lost in the busyness of life.  I am glad that I pause at the end of each week to think and reflect on what we have been learning about and record that here on this blog, I had been thinking of stopping these posts but I will continue as it is wonderful to look back over them.

about many things including the future of my eldest's education, the monoculture of grass, the abstract concept of time, what deschooling means to me, a temporary community, contacting old friends, our home ed rhythmrecipes and writing

in 2015 to stay true to what I believe in and to look after my family to the best of my abilities.

...looking forward to
another great year, full of moments, how about you......


  1. So glad to hear that your brother is on the mend, slowly but surely. With best wishes for the coming year. I hope it will deliver everything you want from it and I look forward to following along. Jx

  2. Lovely post. I could learn some lessons from you, particularly about enjoying the moment rather than panicking about the future.
    I'm glad your brother will be OK. Hopefully he'll make a steady recovery.
    And there are some great ideas here for my 2015 reading (to add to the pile)!
    Wishing you a wonderful New Year.

  3. A great review of the year. What an horrendous accident your brother suffered. Sending my best wishes for a full recovery for him and all the very best to you and all your family for a happy and healthy 2015.

  4. so much loveliness. and i can't help but zero in on that book list... off to check each title.... lol

    happiest 2015!

  5. This is a beautiful post. Glad to hear your brother is okay.

    All the best to you and your family in 2015. Happy New Year!

  6. Good to look back over the year like this - I am so glad your brother is on the mend and I try not to think about his accident too much since my daughter cycles about the same distance each day to her work in the City come rain or shine (wearing a helmet I am glad to say) though I dare say there are more street lights in London! Hope 2015 is a good year for you and your family.

  7. Your creations are so beautiful. Happy New Year to you and your family - and wishes for your brother's continued healing.

  8. It's always interesting to reflect back over your year...I also nearly lost my brother this year...heart attack requiring major surgery and then in October he nearly lost his leg with diabetes but thankfully only two toes...So glad your brother is doing well. You've made some lovely crafts this year and posted lots of beautiful pictures...wishing you every happiness for 2015

  9. I love the way you find beauty in the ordinary moments and share it here, wishing you a new year filled with health and happiness and continuing good recovery for your brother x

  10. Hi, I have just discovered your blog. Very nice and inspiring place :)

    Happy new year!!

    Lluisa xx

  11. You have done loads! Not least written so eloquently on all manner of things :-)

    Wishing for you many blessings and blog posts this forthcoming year!

    San xx

  12. Oh my goodness, your poor brother - I hope he makes a full recovery, however long it takes. But that aside it sounds like you had a lovely year filled with some lovely moments; here's to more of the same for 2015!

  13. Happy New Year.
    Glad your brother is doing Ok, that sounded like a horrific accident.
    I'm facing many dilemmas too about my eldest's education, I would love to hear your thoughts on deschooling.
    kindest regards


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