22 December 2014


...this week of...

...happiness a lovely Winter Solstice celebration with family, getting all my presents made and wrapped, feeling relaxed

...sadness at the events in the world this week

...creating angel peg people, a glasses case, a scarf, a sock, houses out of cardboard boxes

...learning about castles, planets, numbers, geometry

...reading Mrs Sinclair's Suitcase by Louise Walters and The Lightkeeper's Wife by Karen Viggers, to the children Tumtum and Nutmeg's Christmas Adventure by Emily Bearn, but no new picture books 

...thinking of all those that alone at this time year.

...wondering if the weather will be calm for our journey

...hoping the mice don't set up home in our home whilst we are away like they did a couple of years ago at this time of year!

...enjoying this

...looking forward to spending a week with my extended family


  1. Love your angel peg person, so beautiful! Safe travels to you and your family. Wishing you a lovely holiday week. Soak up the goodness this time of year offers.

  2. Love the angel peg people! xx

  3. wishing you safe travels, a very happy Christmas, and a mouse free return.

    ( I went away for the weekend when I was a student, and came home to a mouse nest in my pillow..................)

  4. I'm so happy to read you are feeling both happy and relaxed - good for you for getting it all done with time to spare. I'm not quite there yet but feeling excited and happy nevertheless :) Safe and happy travels, I'm wishing you the merriest of Christmases to you and your family - complete with a mouse-free home to return to when your journey's done :) xoxo

  5. That sounds wonderful! I'm in the final straight of having all the presents done, there's just a little bit of wrapping and the small matter of a stocking to finish - nothing like leaving it down to the wire is there!

  6. That angel is making me smile!
    Have a wonderful holiday.

  7. Oh, Hozier... Yes! *softly sways to the music in her head*
    What a lovely list of moments. Your angel is just darling...
    Happy holidays to you, safe travels and wishing all the best in this new year. xo

  8. Beautiful little angel.
    Enjoy the holidays. Merry Christmas.


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