15 September 2014


...this week of...

...happiness at watching my children play with friends they haven't seen for a while, getting our rhythm right this week by being mindful of downtime, a long train journey to my parents, a day out with my extended family

...sadness at a friend who is struggling with one her friends right now, their friendship runs long and deep but is not working and leaving my friend in knots

...reading After Me Comes the Flood by Sarah Perry, to the children  The Hut-Man's Book by G.D. Fisher and these picture books* you can read a short review of them here, 225. Another Fine Mess by Tony Bonning, 226.  I absolutely love animals by Lauren Child, 227. Hickory Dickory Dog by Alison Murray

...creating a slipper, a sleeve, a hat

...learning about dinosaurs, planes, fruit, seeds, blackberries, rhythm

...thinking about our weekly rhythm 

...hoping to visit a museum with dinosaurs this week

...wondering about science and focusing on it a bit more

...looking forward to spending the day with my great aunt, she is wonderful company at 97!


*as part of the 300 Picture Books Challenge

I hope you have had a lovely week too......................enjoy the one to come!


  1. How wonderful to still have your great aunt at 97, I bet she's got lots of stories to tell and your visits must be fascinating.

  2. my granddaughter is totally into Dino's right now, too. I have been going to the library every Friday and checking out as many books as I can. I love when they find something that they want to learn more about. 97!! WOW!! the changes that she has witnessed. I would love to know her stories. Hope you have a lovely week, too!

  3. We have had a week of dinosaurs too!

  4. Oh, how lovely that you can visit your aunt of 97 years...oh, the stories she must tell! I'm sorry to hear of the sadness in your friends' lives; I know that must be difficult for you to see.

  5. Don't you just love those weeks when the rhythm is right?! Hope you had a great time catching up with your aunt :) xo


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