14 July 2014


...this week of...

...happiness being outside with the children, finding the time to tend to my garden, saying no, watching a fledging bird right before our eyes, outdoor swimming

...sadness at excuses that are not addressing the situation 

...creating rows of knitting, fabric flower brooches, picnics

...reading an intriguing book, Nowhere People by Paulo Scott, to the children The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis, and these picture books* you can read a short review of them here 177. The Ice Princess by Mandy Stanley, 178. Lulu and the Treasure Hunt by Emma Chichester Clark

...learning about wasps, birds, tanks, food, bodies, nutrition, 

...thinking about how important it is to be truthful

...hoping we don't exhaust ourselves this week as we are very busy!

...looking forward to meeting up with friends we haven't seen for a while

*as part of the 300 Picture Books Challenge


I hope you have had a lovely week too......................enjoy the one to come!


  1. Lovely moments. What a pity you are not nearby as we have a wasps' nest no longer used by the wasps which could be retrieved and given to you for the children. It is outside our bedroom window and I feared the wasps might come inside but they never did - could that be because I spoke gently to them telling them that they were welcome so long as they didn't come in the house do you think?!!

    1. Thank you for your kind thought, we have one in our garden too! It is attached to one of the bird boxes we have, although the bit outside got damaged in the rain we had last week. We managed to take a section off so the children could look at it :)

  2. That wee bird is absolutely gorgeous!
    Saying no is a powerful thing - us ladies should do it more often.

    1. We should, I am not very good at remembering that!

  3. We've had a wet week - 7 days of rain - my peas and strawberries are rotten!
    You always sound so content in these 'moments', despite what life maybe throwing at you!
    Like the sound of those fabric flower brooches - will you be sharing them with us soon?

    1. Oh no, hope they were the only produce you lost to the rain, gardening can be so rewarding and frustrating!

      I am content, you are right. I try to stay positive I find it uses less energy than being negative.

  4. What a cute little bird. Bad hair day?

    1. It does look like that doesn't it! He actually landed on his head right at our feet, just learning to fly, we think. He looked a bit dazed but otherwise unharmed :)


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