23 June 2014


...this week of...

...happiness at spending the week camping in the sunshine sharing time with friends and my children having the time of their lives with friends new and old.

...sadness at the women who took my words given in good faith and used them in her bitter feud with her neighbours, a situation I had no idea existed.

...creating a few rows of knitting, a fairy, lots of food to take camping.

...reading a few lines from The Camel Bookmobile by Masha Hamilton, to the children A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond but no picture books this week.

...learning about friends, friendships, co-operation, sharing

...thinking about community living and how much better that would be than isolated family units

...hoping to get my house tidy this week, at the moment it looks like we have been burgled!

...looking forward to going to a forest school group this week for the first time


  1. It has been perfect camping weather here lately - glad you had a great time. My house is looking a bit like it's been vandalized as well. I'm hoping to get a grip on it today. Have a wonderful week!

  2. I've read about forest schools in The Green Parent magazine and they sound like awesome learning opportunities, as well as great fun!

  3. ooo I hope your day at forest school is great, I really want to get Eli involved with a forest school when he is a bit bigger :-)

    My house also look like we have been burgled. Every time I get it clean its a mess again within an hour or two :-(

  4. I remember A Bear Called Paddington, I loved that book. Glad you had a good time camping, you picked the right week weather wise.


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