19 May 2014


...this week of...

...happiness making a wonderful tasty lunch with random leftover food, a relaxing weekend at home with my family, singing group, my strong seedlings not getting ravaged by mice

...sadness at hearing adults say to children, "you'll be alright" when they are hurt/upset how can they possibly know?

...creating a dress, knitting many rows, dolls clothes, almond muffins

...reading dipping in and out of How Eskimos Keep their Babies Warm by Mei-Ling Hopgood, and these picture books* which you can read a short review of here, 150. The Princess and the Wizard by Julia Donaldson, 151. Brown Rabbit in the City by Natalie Russell, 152. Little Red Riding Hood by Alison Jay, 153. Amy's Three Best Things by Philippa Pearce, 154. The Quick Brown Fox Cubby Julia Donaldson, 155. Look Inside an Airport by Rob Lloyd Jones

...learning about eyesight, fires, dandelions, seeds, decomposition, erosion, numbers larger than 20, road signs, Ancient Egypt, hieroglyphics

...thinking about my eldest's interest in Egypt and activities we can do 

...hoping my new mobile phone arrives this week my old one got too wet in my pocket on a walk last week

...looking forward to a visit to a wetlands centre

*as part of the 300 Picture Book Challenge 


  1. I hate hearing children crying and adults just ignoring them, usually too involved in the text they're sending. Then they wonder why they don't listen to them, well, they're not setting a very good example, are they? I've often wanted to go and give a child a cuddle when I've seen they've hurt themselves and the adult with them doesn't seem bothered.

  2. Sounds like an exciting list of learning!

  3. Oh! I love that sweater, hat and bootie combo! So bright and cheerful. I hope to finish a doll for my daughter this summer that I have now been working on for an entire year:) This inspired me to pick it up again.

  4. lovely list! new insterests of my son's always inspire me in all the discovering we can do together on the topic :) I understand you home school? I have seriously been looking into home schooling too, time will tell if we end up going that way though :) Always love reading about how other families homeschool though, it's sort of a new passion of mine!


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