28 April 2014


...this week of...

...happiness my youngest's face on a steam train ride, tea cooked on a fire on a lakeshore with friends, being part of this, saying no to some arrangements I had made as I needed a rest

...sadness at events in Ukraine 

...creating finally sewing up the pieces of a cardigan, some ideas for dolls clothes, rainbow felt balls, the start of a new knitting projects, a few rows on a shawl, homemade deodorant

...reading Winter by William Horwood, and these picture books you can read a short review of them here*, 124. The Cat Who Got Carried Away by Allan Ahlberg, 125. I Spy ABC by Vivian French, 126. You Choose by Pippa Goodhart, a quiet week for new books this week

...learning about penguins, maps, birds eye view, red squirrels, bluebells

...thinking about birthday presents I need to make

...hoping to see bluebells in the woods this week, on a walk with friends

...looking forward to our singing group starting again after a wee break

* Joining in with the 300 Picture Book Challenge


  1. I've got bluebells flowering in my garden, but I must venture in to the local woods this week to see them en masse, one of the highlights of spring.

  2. A lovely list of moments. I'm so glad you are part of "this":). Have a lovely week!


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