27 April 2014


Joining in with Taryn for her heartfelt Sunday tradition.

A time to slow down, to reflect, to be grateful.

This week I have been grateful for...


...a good book and time to read it

...a new washing machine

...sunshine to dry my mountains of washing, which piled up when I had no machine

...an interesting conversation with a red squirrel ranger

...wonderful words of support from this lovely blogger just when I needed them

...saying no to a meet up and getting support and understanding

...a quiet day at home to recharge

...a fun day out on trains

...spring flowers

...seedlings growing in my polytunnel


  1. SO many of the things we have to be grateful for...the small things, like being able to say no sometimes and take care of ourselves.

    I am past babies (my only son is going to be 43 in a few months), but back when he was I did all the things you are doing now. It's the best way, and you will always be glad you did it.

  2. such a great list. are those flowers all on your land?? lovely.

    1. No! They are in the grounds of a local castle. They planted more than 107,000 in six very long wide strips. They are down the sides of three wide avenues of grass between the trees. This picture is of one of the 'strips'!

  3. Yay for quiet days at home to recharge. I felt like I rushed about like a maniac last week. This week I'm really hoping for some time to get organised at home. I'm glad you've got a lovely new washing machine, life is hard without one! A red squirrel ranger - who knew they existed, I'm intrigued! I hope you and yours have a good week, CJ xx

    1. We live in an area where Red Squirrels live. The Rangers are there to protect them otherwise the greys would come in and take over. The population of red's is thriving but only on account of the rangers.

  4. Great list. A new washing machine makes ME happy! It's important to recharge so you can keep on going. Glad you got to do it. Enjoy the upcoming week.

  5. So sweet:) I never red squirrel rangers existed either! We have red squirrels here where I love too, I get a kick out them because they're always so angry...chattering away at you if they don't like what you're up to...some even "throw" pinecones! I probably shouldn't laugh at them but I just love their moxy!


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