06 April 2014


Joining in with Taryn for her heartfelt Sunday tradition.

A time to slow down, to reflect, to be grateful.

This week I have been grateful for...

...baking with my youngest

...a wonderful afternoon

...an exciting, adventurous walk with friends

...buying milk direct from a local farm to make my yogurt and soft cheese

...friends coming over for play and chat

...wood to light a fire on the occasional cold day


...the wonderful help in my local shops

...reading time before I go to sleep

...self seaded salad leaves in my polytunnel

...free hot water from our solar panels on sunny days


  1. Sounds lovely, popped by to say I've tried the oat milk bath and will let you know how I get on x

    1. Thank you for popping by, hope the oat milk bath works :)

  2. Oh free hot water, lucky you. I'd love solar panels, it must be wonderful to know you're not using any electricity from the grid at times. I've had a little baking time today as well which has been nice - one boy was at football, one was at a party, so it was just me and the biggest boy. Hope you're having a good Sunday. CJ xx

    1. Our panels only heat our water, sadly, we don't have anymore room on our roof for photovoltaics. We are thinking of a wind turbine instead......

  3. Baking, yoghurt making, playing, chatting, adventuring, reading and good sleep make for a great gratitude list :) Have a lovely Sunday.

  4. A lovely list :-) It is nice to get time to yourself each evening to read. I really need to get into bed half hour earlier so I can do this myself :-)

    1. Thats is the only way I can fit it in, I am sleeping much better for it too :)

  5. Hi Taryn, some lovely things that have happened for you this week! What a lovely idea listing what you are grateful for this week. Baking with the little one would have to be one of my favourites. And lighting the fireplace - can't wait to do this at our place soon!


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