16 March 2014


Joining in with Taryn for her heartfelt Sunday tradition.

A time to slow down, to reflect, to be grateful.

This week I have been grateful for...

...more dry weather

...a wonderful walk with friends

...time in the garden

...the dry weather allowing the soil in my garden in dry out a little, it is very saturated

...primroses and crocuses flowering in my garden

...a friend offering to look after the children for a couple of hours

...smiles first thing in the morning

...a wonderful giveaway on its way, still can't quite believe it

...a spring declutter following some much needed DIY

....secondhand books

...my children's health


  1. Seeing smiles first thing in the morning... what a great way to wake up :) I can't believe I'm seeing daffodils in your part of the world!

    1. They're not in my garden! They were growing in a very sheltered spot in the grounds of a local castle.

  2. I am so thankful for the drier weather and time in the garden too!

  3. As always I love the mix of big and small, wondrous and everyday in your gratitudes. Sleepy smiles are the best way to start the day, I'm always amazed at how it changes the mood of the whole day for me. x

  4. A lovely list. Thank you for reminding me to be grateful for out health. it is something to be grateful about every day but easily taken for granted. Have a great week xx


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