11 March 2014


Every week we travel to a friends house to join in the singing group she runs for a few families.  My youngest loves this group and currently it is the only time in the week we do something, outside the house, specifically for her.  A couple of weeks ago she rang to cancel the group for that week as her daughter was unwell.  By the end of the week she had had a major operation.  Luckily for her when she took her daughter to the GP (doctor) earlier in the week he had referred them to the hospital.

I really wanted to make a small gift for the daughter, something I could post as I was not sure when I would see them again and something that I could make with what I already had in the house.  I decided upon a felt headband using the lovely book, The Children's Year, for measurements.  The book suggests using small pieces of felt cut into shapes to decorate, I wanted daisies and used the Lazy Daisy Stitch with a French Knot in the middle.  A small length of elastic sewn onto the felt and voilà a simple headband.

I can see more of these being made and if we use small pieces of felt, they could be made by my daughter, glued on then a simple running stitch round the edge of each small piece.  A small simple project.

Joining in with Nicole for Keep Calm, Craft On.


  1. This is such a sweet little project! I need to pull my copy of the book out and show my daughter! (visiting from KCCO)

  2. Your lazy daisy headband is so cute--a perfect gift. I too need to relook at my copy of The Children's Year! Thanks and aloha, Lori

  3. lovely present - hope your friends daughter is doing ok.


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