24 February 2014


...happiness time with my whole family, my mothers face when she opened her present, not having to cook for a week, rest and peace

...sadness at a comment my mother made this week which really shocked and surprised me

...creating music, two cardigans, drawings, plans for next month

reading Mathematics Minus Fear by Lawrence Potter and these picture books, I have written a short review of each one here* 47. Who's Like Me by Nicola Davies, 48. Animal Homes by Debbie Martin, 49. The Hedgehog's Balloon by Nick Butterworth, 50. The Fox's Hiccups by Nick Butterworth, 51. The Badger's Bath by Nick Butterworth

...learning about musical instruments, rhythm, music scores, Lord Nelson, cannons, bones, animal families, mammals, animal homes and habitats

...thinking about my nephew who is really unhappy at the moment

...hoping to catch up with friends this week

...looking forward to a visit to our local Fire Station this week

* Joining in with the 300 Picture Book Challenge


  1. As an ex home ed bod your learning lists always fascinate me, and often look mighty familiar! Hope you have a lovely week m'dear x

  2. Some interesting reading and learning there. I hope things improve soon for your nephew, it is so hard to see someone you love feeling unhappy. Enjoy the fire station, it sounds fun!

  3. Sounds like a typical normal week of mixed moments there! Your home learning subjects sound interesting. Hope your nephew is happier soon.

  4. Nick Butterworth week! I remember reading him when I was little :)

  5. Not having to cook for a week sounds good! Thank-you for linking up to #300PBs.


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