10 January 2014


After what has felt like months of rain day after day after day, but was actually only a couple of weeks, we had two days of no rain this week.  I am not usually bothered by the weather if it is raining I will put on my waterproofs and head out regardless but some days my waterproof has not really fully dried out before I need to put it on again.  As it is usually dripping wet when I take it off it is hung up to dry in the garage so a cold damp coat is what I put on, ever tried it?  Well don't its hideous and not exactly inducing to want to go outside.   Whilst I am having a moan the sky feels close hemming you in with its immense grey heaviness it's no wonder that folks in this country suffer from SAD when the sky is like that day after day.  Moan over, thank you for indulging me.

The weather forecast was predicting one dry day which I absolutely had to be outside for.  I spent the morning out in the garden which is extremely soggy and bedraggled looking and in the afternoon I took the children to a disused railway track for a bike ride.  This railway track is an interesting place with a big viaduct that the children cycled back and forth over, a lime kiln still intact and various small railway buildings.

It was wonderful to see blue sky, a little bit but the clouds were white a fluffy and there was light and brightness and not be restricted by waterproofs we had a great time and did not want to go home again.
The blue sky has put a bounce back in my step, especially as we managed to get outside for three afternoons this week and stay dry.  Sometimes I am happy when the weather forecast is totally wrong!


  1. I agree, it is horrid having to put things on that are wet, they are always so cold and clammy - ughh!! I hope that things dry out a little for everyone soon, I think that we have had enough rain for now. Hope you have a good week. xx

  2. I know just what you mean we had a walk today for the first time in what seems like months too and yesterday was fine and dry too and we were outside. It's a wonderful gift which we appreciate all the more after all the rain and wind and greyness isn't it?

  3. It makes such a difference to our well being. Fantastic photographs xx

  4. Oh no, I totally agree! I find weeks of grey skies very oppressive and the difference blue skies can make to my mood is incredible. Lovely photos of the landscape, it looks like a nice walk. x

  5. It looks like a lovely walk/bike ride, so glad you managed to get out in the good weather. You're right, it does make a huge difference, I always feel my mood lift.

  6. Beautiful pictures. Glad the rain is easing off. We have 5 weeks here where we never get any sun, as it doesn't rise high enough and is blocked by the mountains - I find this a very difficult time and always call it my SAD period.
    You made me chuckle with the damp cold coat - I used to walk to school, often in the rain (Wales) and my duffle coat would always still be damp and cold when I had to put it back on at playtime!!
    Have a lovely week.


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