06 January 2014


...this week of...

...happiness spending new year in the company of friends following a years old tradition, tidying and decluttering my kitchen, a beautiful hyacinth on our dining room table

...sadness at the news coming out of South Sudan and Iraq

...creating homemade bread, Nutella palmiers, knitting a cardigan and shawl, paintings of castles, a wooden tank kit, a meccano model

...reading Gossip from the Forest by Sara Maitland and 1.Witchety Sticks and the Magic Buttons by Helen Stephens and 2. Just Ducks by Nicola Davies*

...learning about area, length, Madagascar, ice, bubbles, reptiles

...thinking about a friend who starts a new full time job this week

...hoping the rain eases for a little so that we can go for a long walk one day this week

...looking forward to a celebratory meal with the Explorer Scouts, they are cooking!

*joining this challenge


  1. Sounds like a good mix of moments - hope you get your walk OK I've been waiting for weeks!!

  2. Here in the mountains the rain is visiting. Enjoy your moments fully.

  3. I'm really hoping the rain eases too. Enjoy that celebratory meal, it will taste extra good if it is being cooked for you!

  4. It would be lovely to take a walk without getting wet wouldn't it ... at least whippets are as wary of cold and rainy weather as we are ... but the sun is shining just now ... I think I need to nip out and walk some hounds. I do hope you get out too :)

  5. just wanted to stop by and send you wishes for a beautiful new year!


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