17 December 2013


We have been busy making and creating this week.  Little bits and pieces for the house and the season.  Stars, snowflakes and other wintery, seasonal shapes

Window stars...

...made with tissue paper, I put sticky backed plastic on the back of them as we are prone to a bit of condensation on our windows and I didn't want them turning into a mush.  The yellow star was made using instructions in this book.

Crystal snowflakes....

We made ours using borax which we bought when it was still available, you are not allowed to buy this in the UK now so if you haven't got any then you may be able to make it with Epsom salts or bicarb which we have also used to make crystals.  We made ours with a pipe cleaner cut into three pieces, twisted together and then spread the arms to make a snowflake shape.  We cut some smaller pieces and twisted them around each arm.  Now make the solution using hot water and your borax adding spoons and stirring until the solution can hold no more.  Finally carefully lower your pipe cleaner snowflake into the solution making sure it does not touch the sides or the bottom.  Leave for a few hours and ta da you will have a sparkly snowflake!

Salt Dough decorations....

Salt dough is a a really old craft which you can read all about here.  I made the dough using a cup of plain flour, 1/2 cup of salt and 1/2 cup of water mixed together, kneed for ten minutes or so until smooth then leave to stand for twenty minutes before rolling out and cutting.  We made stars, moons, holly leaves and bells with our dough and then out them in the oven at 100°C for about three hours to bake, it may take longer it depends on your oven.  We painted them in suitably festive colours once they had cooled.  If you want to hang your decorations up don't forget to make a small hole in them before you bake them!

We have hung some of ours on our little tree along with the holly leaves and berries I made last week, you can find the pattern here and the bead snowflakes we made last winter.

We have also made our Christmas cards....

....and finally got them in the post, the international ones will be late but it's the thought that counts, right?

Joining in with Nicole for Keep Calm, Craft On head on over to see what others have been busy making.....


  1. What lovely crafts. Very impressed that you make all your own christmas cards, I really need to do that as they are very expensive here.
    We've been making salt dough this week - candle holders for teachers gifts and little stars to hand on the tree.

    1. Without wanting to sound pompous I have been making them for years, really since I started to send my own. They cost so much to buy and we always have plenty of card in the house so I usually only have to buy a few extra envelopes and stamps which I would buy whether I made them or not!

  2. So much crafty goodness going on at your house! I'm afraid our Christmas cards might just end up being "Hey, look it's still winter and we were thinking of you cards!" :-) But as you said...it's the thought that counts!

  3. What fun you have had! Love the little tree.

  4. those cards a lovely. all of the crafts are.
    so why can't you buy borax in the uk?

    1. The EU had banned borax being sold to the public as it has been deemed toxic to pregnant mothers after research which took place years ago and with an animal that is not similar to humans at all showed a reaction. My dad is a chemist and cannot believe it has been banned neither can all the those scientists who he has regular contact with either, they petitioned against the ban but I has gone ahead. If you know where to look you can buy it on the web, I believe, but it is illegal to sell it to members of the public now.

  5. Lovely crafts :) I still need to make our Christmas cards, starting to run out of time now :-S

  6. Gorgeous tree and handmade decorations. I love your new table, I cannot see it being put away, imagine all the wildlife and trains that could be drawn from such a vantage point!!!

    San x

  7. better late than never ;) Love all the crafting going on in your house, as a child I loved paper activities!!


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