09 December 2013


...this week of...

...happiness a warm glowing fire, surviving the storm, reading stories with the children, sharing a advent spiral with friends, playing games at a friends house

...sadness that we build on flood plains and close to the sea and then wonder why the buildings get flooded

...creating slippers, a cardigan, holly leaves, play capes, a table, shelves, gingerbread biscuits, blackcurrant flapjacks

...reading The Winter Ghosts by Kate Mosse and 1215: The Year of the Magna Carter by Danny Danziger and John Gillingham

...learning about the number digits, vowels, fractions, fossils, rocks, new knitting techniques, locations of countries, 

...thinking about how I can introduce more creative ways of learning maths

...hoping to have a quieter week this week, spending more time at home

...looking forward to time to get knitting slippers as my husband is away this week!


  1. I have such an urge to knit slippers lately too. I have to finish a couple pairs of socks and then I can focus on those next :-)

  2. That's a lovely flavour of your week. I am supposed to be crocheting a scarf for my husband for Christmas but am forever waiting for a time when I can start it so that he doesn't see it...I don't want to spoil the surprise! x


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