23 December 2013


...this week of...

...happiness finishing off my Christmas makes, candles, parties at friends houses, sharing food, the decorations up, relaxed and feeling ready for a lovely Christmas

...sadness my eldest's friends being unkind he was really confused and bewildered

...creating more felted bowls, slipper soles, a nightie

...reading The Taliban Cricket Club by Timeri N. Murari

...learning about Oceans, Rainforests, Numbers, Rivers, Borneo, the Earths orbit, using a ruler, making a cube net

...thinking about those that are living alone 

...hoping that I have remembered everything as I don't want to go out to the shops again!

...looking forward to a lovely fortnight with my family and friends


  1. Hope you have a peaceful Christmas and if you forgot anything that it wasn't anything too vital!

  2. It's hard when children are unkind. I've been pondering and fretting over a blog post as I haven't yet mentioned that my children have gone to school - and sadly this is (in a large way) because of an incident that happened and someone they considered to be a friend being absolutely awful (a culmination of not particularly nice behaviour) and it really hurt them and also made it very difficult for us to attend any local home-ed stuff, resulting in them asking to go to school - it's really hard to see your children upset when someone is being unkind :(

  3. So sorry that your eldest is having to go through this, especially at this time of year. It hurts so much to see them unhappy. I hope things are resolved soon for him. I have seen mine in a similar situation and it's horrible. And instead of looking for new friends elsewhere he kept going back to the unkind friends, like a moth to a flame. In the end he asked to go to a different school, and I was happy to move him. I do hope you have everything you need for Christmas, and that I do too, I don't want to have to go to a shop for a few days at least!


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