02 December 2013


...happiness visiting family, how much my youngest loves her new shoes, getting my ironing done, walks, finishing off some of the Christmas present making - did I mention that before!

...sadness at the lack of manners which I noticed when driving long distance on our roads a hand gesture of thanks costs nothing but a little thought

...creating applesauce muffins, slipper soles, baby knits, birthday cards

...reading nothing this week hope to have more time now :)

...learning about filtration, solutions, evaporation, condensing, parachutes, conservation of number

...thinking about this wonderful organisation and the work they do

...hoping to get started on making Christmas cards this week

...looking forward to a quieter, slower week.


  1. I don't appreciate a lack of manners either, it's such a shame people don't make more effort. Glad you had a good time with family. I've taken your advice and bought some used walking boots for my little people, so hopefully they will be happy with their new shoes too. Hope you all have a good week.

  2. Apple sauce muffins? Sounds yummy! :-)

  3. That reads like a busy week, but a rich and rewarding one too :D


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