04 December 2013


I thought I was going to be sharing exactly the same picture as last week but I have made progress especially on the knitting.  I am on the second of this green pair which I am hoping will be off the needles by the end of the week, then I will have three left to make one pair and a half.  These are all the biggest sizes so no surprise they have been left till last, at a week a slipper I will just get them finished in time......I hope.  I shared pictures of the finished baby knits.

I did eventually find a solution to my sole quandary.  I had hoped to be able to buy a second hand wool jumper, felt it and use that for the sole.  The jumper I bought felted a little but not enough to be able to cut it up, my eldest is now enjoying wearing it so it has not gone to waste!  My other thought was some sock stop which I had seen in my local craft store a few weeks ago.  As is always the case when you go back to buy something, because you needed to think about it, it had sold out.  In the end I visited a haberdashers near to my mums whilst I was done visiting and bought some felt, enough to make soles for all eight pairs I will make, I hope it is durable enough.  I needed something quickly otherwise I would have had to drive back home with two pairs of slippers, sort out the sole and then post them back.

I finished the wonderful book by Ben Law it had chapters on how he started off living in his wood and the observations he made over time, the surrounding lands and how they have been used and managed, his learning about the different types of trees, their uses, how to manage them and the skills needed and building his first house in the woods which was featured in the programme Grand Designs.  His connection with nature and his descriptions of the interesting skills we have lost make this a wonderful book to read.

I am now reading something completely different.  A book I was given as a present a few years ago, The Winter Ghosts by Kate Mosse.  I have read a couple of books by this author and really enjoyed them, they sparked an interest in reading more about that period in history.  I am already about half way through the book and am really enjoying it, it is a compelling story hard to put down....

Joining in with Tami and Ginny head on over to see what other bloggers have been making and reading.


  1. The green looks beautiful and I hope the felt will be durable enough! Good luck with it!

  2. The green looks wonderful! I think slippers sound like such a great project!

  3. I love that green! So pleased to read that you found an answer to your sick quandry. Your positive reviews on the Ben Law book has made me determined to get hold of a copy.

    Thanks for your recent comment, I am so grateful for the boots, you'll be pleased to know that the other pair now too small we're passed onto the charity shop!

    San x

  4. Good luck with the gift knitting!
    A couple years ago when I did a similar mad dash of slipper making for my family, I used 'puff paint' - it's something you can buy at craft stores. Most people used it for drawing on t-shirts or tote bags, but I made little dots all over the bottoms of my slippers. Cheap, quick, and it works! You can even buy glow in the dark puff paint if you are so inclined ;)

  5. I read somewhere that a jumper needs to be over 85% wool to felt properly hope that helps. Thats my favourite grand designs house so simple yet elegant and rustic xx

  6. The Winter Ghosts sounds like a good book. I just finished The Soldier's Wife by Margaret Leroy. You may enjoy that book.

  7. Beautiful green, a felted jumper sounds like a great idea for a sole

  8. Great slipper pattern - thank you for sharing that - and I adore the green yarn you're using.
    The sock stop stuff will be similar to puffy paint/3d paints you get in any craft shop. I've seen this used for the underside of bath mats etc to stop them slipping.

  9. I live the colour of these slippers. Deb x

  10. It's so annoying when a jumper doesn't felt properly. You know if it was a precious one it would shrink down to a quarter of it's size! Glad you found some felt though, the slippers are going to be brilliant I think.

    1. Ha, ha you're right it has happened to me before!


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