15 November 2013


Three days ago we celebrated a birthday in our house.  Our eldest is now nine, I know it is a cliché to exclaim where have the years gone and how did that happen but it does feel that way.  I write this for him.

You teach me so much.

When you were very young the changes in you were easy to see, obvious signs, you are still changing but it is more subtle I have to took hard to really see.  You make me do that often, to stop and really look.

You are passionate about so much, you put your heart and soul into what you do it is you and only you.  You don't pretend to be someone else to fit in, if you don't like what others are doing you say so.  You know your mind.

You still love to read, cross legged on the sofa or floor.  You still leave them everywhere like a trail behind you.  You have discovered fiction this year and consume book after book sometimes three or four in a day.  You have loved me reading to you again, much to my delight,  you haven't wanted this for a long time.

Your knowledge still amazes me, when I take you to places that you want to go you tell me about what we are looking at, you have read, absorbed and remembered.

You have shown me that it is possible to be creative without getting your hands dirty.  You are not a tactile person and never have been.  You really don't like anything soft or squidgy.  You prefer harder materials like Lego, pens and pencils for drawing, wool for weaving and knitting.  You have enjoyed learning to knit over the last few months you asked me to teach you.

You love your little sister with a passion, you are distressed if she is hurt or upset.  You play together for hours sometimes her demands are too much for you but this happens less and less these days.  She is the only person you give in to.....

I love all your questions you make me think.  When I cannot answer them it is great to find out together, to think about where we could find the answer and then look it up.  I learn with you.

Something in you is changing, your friendships are altering slowly, subtly.  Maybe you will move from some this year, time will tell.

You are kind, thoughtful and generous.

Happy Birthday my love.


  1. What a beautiful post. Happy birthday to your big boy.

  2. Joyeux Anniversaire to your son. Mine turns nine on the 25th.


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