11 November 2013


...this week of...

...happiness canoeing with my family, the beautiful autumn colours, watching my youngest having fun at a birthday party for a friend, a quiet day at home, a walk in the fields round our village

...sadness that people feel they have to lie rather than tell the truth

...creating cakes, knitting slippers and cardigans, drawings, railway tracks and towns

...reading Woodsman by Ben Law

...learning about volcanoes, geology, Mars, fractions, lichens, reading maps

...thinking about those who have lost loved ones and those whose loved ones have been badly injured in conflicts past and present

...hoping my eldest has a lovely day tomorrow

...looking forward to meeting up with friends this week who we have not seen for ages

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  1. Birthday wishes to the big lad, hope he had a fab day and all good wishes to you too!



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