13 November 2013


This past few weeks I have knitting as fast as I can to get some of the Christmas presents made.  I have made plans to visit some of my family at the end of the month to deliver their presents.  We are staying at home for Christmas this year so the alternative is to post everything.  So I have a deadline for some of the presents which I need to meet.  I needed to knit another pair of slippers for my niece, finish off the slippers for my nephew, finish off a cardigan for one of the twins and find a pattern, some yarn and knit up a second cardigan for the other twin, not much then!

I have cast on and off a pair of slippers for my niece.  I had been knitting these in much bigger sizes for some of my friends and they were taking ages.  This pair were super quick, I can understand how some knitters could knit these up in an evening as I have read about!

The Stripey Cardigan is off the needles and I am slowly, and somewhat tediously, weaving in all the ends.  The downside of knitting in stripes are all the ends to weave in, 36 be precise, I have done half of them only another 18 to go.  I spent ages finding this pattern because I had some odd balls of yarn I wanted to use up, so needed a pattern that had been or was easy to adapt into stripes.  It was surprisingly easy to find another pattern, thankfully.  So this week I have cast on a hooded cardigan with some yarn that was on offer, hooray for offers!

I have also cast in another pair of slippers this time for my eldest.  I popped into a craft shop in my local town to top up some crafty bits and found a couple of balls of this yarn in their bargain bin exactly what I wanted.  That doesn't happen very often so I am always glad when it does.

I am reading a great book at the moment, Woodsman by Ben Law. The author has lived in the same woods for the past twenty years building the most beautiful house, working and living in the wood. He has gained a wonderful understanding of how to live amongst trees and this book is his story.

Joining in with Tami and Ginny head on over for more yarny things.


  1. Love those pink slippers - they look like a fizzy drink!!
    You have so many projects on the go - busy busy. Good luck weaving all the ends in, I don't like that part of stripped projects either. Can't wait to see it all finished, such wonderful colours.

  2. I'm just like you. I'm restless without ALL of my needles getting busy. We wouldn't want any getting cold or anything. :)

  3. you have been busy! this is the time of the year that I have so many ideas swirling around, I tend to write them down in case I forget, which I do unfortunately. Good luck finishing them all up!

  4. Love the slippers, I don't envy your knitting deadline! Will have to try and borrow that book from the library, I read an article about him in permaculture uk mag.

  5. Those pink slippers are very cute, yay for quick knits lol


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