29 November 2013


I am feeling slightly odd at the moment, a deflated feeling which has everything to do with the manic two weeks I have just had.  Just over three weeks ago I realised that I didn't have very much time to make and finish off some Christmas presents that I was going to hand deliver to save on postage.  At that point one of the projects was only a thought in my mind I had no pattern or yarn lined up, admittedly it was a baby cardigan I needed to make which are usually quick, but I am not the worlds fastest knitter.  So, in what has felt like record time, I have chosen, cast on, off and finished a delightful little cardigan.  The other little cardigan which I cast off ages ago and needed finishing, it had stalled due to the 36 ends that needed weaving in, has been finished off and wrapped up also ready for delivery.  Ravelry notes are here and here.  They were both lovely knits to make up, well perhaps with the exception of all the ends that needed weaving in on the garter stripes cardigan, but if you are looking for baby knits for boys these are both good patterns and you don't have to knit the garter cardigan in stripes.

My house has been largely ignored so consequently is resembling a pig sty and I still have a few Christmas knits to make, slippers, only slippers.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, back in July, but now I am fed up with them I have made so many that once I know how many stitches to cast on I can knit them without looking at the pattern.  I have a few other projects I would love to cast on especially as they would give me some variety but for now I am holding off and will do so for as long as my sanity allows.  Got to knit the slippers, got to knit the slippers, got to knit the slippers, I don't think it will be long before I cave in.......


  1. Aw big hug to you! Gorgeous knits they will be loved and appreciated for sure. I have abandoned a hand made Christmas this year as my sanity truly would dive bomb!!!

    Try and cut yourself some slack and allow yourself a little bit of alternative knitting or stitching.

    San xx

  2. Those are gorgeous knits! I have a couple of projects to fit in - I am alternating washcloth, sock, hat, washcloth, sock, washcloth, hand warmer..... xx

  3. I hate weaving in ends, someone once told me you can knit and carry the yarn up the sides for when you change colour, would that have worked for this cardi? I have loads of christmas knits too, that i planned in September, held off because i thought it too early now .... Its getting too late!! Knit, knit, knit likes there is no tomorrow!!

  4. Keep going, you must almost be there! The little jumpers are lovely, but I know what you mean about ends, they are the worst bit I think. It will all be worth it when they are wrapped and handed over though. Hope you have a good Sunday.


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