28 October 2013


...this week of...

...happiness cooking with veggies from the garden still, my children playing together for longer and longer periods of time, a visit from my parents

...sadness at conflict however big or small

...creating art with watercolours, knitted slippers and baby cardigan, shortbread biscuits, bread, dens, Lego models

...reading 1222 by Anne Holt

...learning about fractions, why leaves change colour, volcanoes and earthquakes and insects

...thinking about how people grieve

...hoping we have a safe journey this week as a storm is forecast

...looking forward to some friends coming to stay for the night


  1. What a lovely list of moments. I hope your journey was safe and that you weren't affected by the storm. I loved your nature table idea, with the displays, what a great idea. xx

  2. Lovely moments, with lots of creativity. Hope you stayed safe in the storn.

  3. Hope you stayed safe in the storm. Lovely list, lots to think on and and be thankful for x


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