14 October 2013


...sometimes just sometimes
a week is hard
it is long
emotions in high peaks and low troughs

life has a beginning 
it has an end
a lifetime is the living in between

we celebrate the beginning 
as we go through life

we might marry
we celebrate the passing of the years

and then the end
we are sad
emotions tumbling

the news comes
the end is near
traveling through the night 
the worry

support through a wire
suddenly distances seem so vast
snippets of contact
nothing physical

the last breath was taken
no struggling or gasping
a peaceful end

talking much talking
making sense
rebuilding bridges

in the midst
a celebration seems wrong
my birthday 

my emotions are dancing
my actions are slow

my friends rally me
with small heartfelt gifts
I am surrounded by love

all this in the space of a week
sometimes just sometimes
a week is hard
it is long


  1. As hard as it is, I am so glad to read that there was peace at the end. Holding you all in prayer as you deal with the coming days and weeks.


  2. My condolences.
    Take care.

  3. I am so sorry, I'm thinking of you. xx

  4. Oh, I am so sorry. It sounds like a tumultuous week. I am thinking of you also. xx

  5. Thank you San, Emma, CJ and Gillian for your thoughts and kind words.


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