09 September 2013


...this week of...

...happiness camping in dry weather, hearing owls at dusk whilst camping, produce from the garden, listening to the whole programmes on the radio whilst driving without being interrupted, a few hours to myself to recharge 

...sadness that our holidays are over for a while

...creating a jumper and slippers, Lego models, food for twenty five whilst camping

...reading books to inspire autumn crafts and things to do such as The Children's YearThe Bumper Book of Nature and Sacred Celebrations

...learning about dinosaurs, reptiles, insects, numbers, burrowing animals, lighthouses and rivers

...thinking about all the children who have returned to school this and week and how incredibly lucky we are that we can home educate

...wondering what to include in our weekly rhythm as we start our journey with both children officially not at school

...hoping find the time to do more planning for our home education journey

...looking forward to catching up with friends this week who I feel like I have not seen properly for ages.


  1. Good luck with the home education. I'm sure the children will forge ahead and hardly realize that their happy days are an education.

  2. Oh lucky you having your children at home. If only... Hope you have a good week.

  3. We're thinking about home education plans this month too x


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