18 September 2013


I have been slowly working on the slippers this week.  I have finished knitting one and have knitted the sole of the other.  I am knitting these away from my husband as they are a present, this is easier than last year because he is now out at work (last year being self employed he was in and out) however I have a few pairs to make so I am glad I started now so I am not rushing to finish in December.  Thank you to those who gave advice last week on the sort of sole I could use to make these more durable.  I am going to look into leather first, so when these are knitted they are far from finished!

This week I have been reading a book I recently bought after reading a review in a Sunday newspaper.  Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way for Parents is about discovering your creativity something I thought I could do with doing more of, I read blogs where there are pictures of all the wonderful items their children have created whereas I have non to share.  As I read through this book, which is full of exercises, I am already doing so much of what she suggests.  I could feel aggrieved at buying a book which is not telling me anything new but it has been a great affirmation for me and made me realise that I am doing something right in that part of my children's education.  I have been reminded that creativity is not all about paper and glue.

Joining in with Ginny and Tami for sharing of yarny creations and reading.


  1. The slippers look so lovely and cosy for winter. I have heard quite a few reccomendations for that book, but not read it yet. I will see if the library has it.
    I sometimes feel that we don't do enough pretty craft type activities too, but my children do spend a lot of time drawing together or painting. Often we don't have enough mney to buy the craft materials in this first place, but every so often we buy something simple and good quality, like beeswax for making candles and everyone enjoys this. x x x

    1. If you don't find this book in the library I am not sure I would recommend buying it. It is interesting to read but does not have any ideas for actual craft activity just that you should be offering them! You can borrow my copy if you wish?

  2. knitted slippers are the best for cold days :) I like your choice of yarn :) very nice

  3. Slippers are looking great. Lovely mix of colors. Would love to hear/see what you decide to do with the soles.

  4. Wonderful slippers, lucky husband! Glad you are finding positive messages and reassurance in the book.

  5. Are you going to knit the slippers onto the soles, or sew them? I really want to do something like that but I'm nervous about messing it up (I mess up a lot of things lately with knitting!)

  6. The slippers look amazing! They yarn is beautiful, love the variation.

  7. What lovely work! A leather sole sounds like a really good idea. I am always cautious of knitting slippers and socks because they wear thin so quickly.

  8. I love your slippers, I think I need to knit a pair this winter, thanks for the inspiration. Deb x

  9. Interesting that you should post this. I've just been reading through The Artists Way for about the fourth time.

    I'm liking the look of those slippers :)


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