22 August 2013


...eating breakfast and lunch outside in the sunshine with friends.

...a visit to their local yarn shop a short walk from their house.

...an afternoon in Montgomery visiting the most amazing shop ever, cold ginger beer and cake in a cafe and a walk up to the castle.

...and tomorrow we head off to a festival for a weekend of wonderful live music shared with friends.

What more could be better?

Have a great weekend!


  1. That shop looks wonderful. And a castle, cake and lashings of ginger beer, you could have been in an Enid Blyton story - lovely indeed. Hope you have a good time at the festival. I've heard the sun will be shining.

  2. How lovely to eat breakfast outside. Mornings are starting to get cooler here, I think I can smell autumn!
    Enjoy your festival. I just clicked on the link, looks like a lot of fun.
    Last festival I went too was Donington Monsters of Rock!! very muddy but I enjoyed it at the time (early 20's), now the though of it makes me shudder!

  3. That shop looks amazing, hope you have a lovely time at the festival x

  4. Eating outside is something that almost allways gets me in a better mood. Sounds like a wonderful weekend ahead.

  5. Aha ... Colinette and Bunner's, you're not so far from me. I'm going to whisper this, given that I'm a knitter, but ask me to choose between visiting the two and it would be Bunner's everytime. I never seem to buy anything I want to buy in Colinette!


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