21 August 2013


I have been knitting various projects recently.  I have finished my first Christmas knit which I will share another time.  I have also been trying to knit a pair of slippers, I say trying because I am struggling with the gauge.  I have bought a variety of yarns to knit these and cast on to make a small pair having done a gauge swatch.  I was unsure of the construction so when I got to the stage where I could see the size I realised they were far going to be far too small, even allowing for a small amount of stretch and blocking.  I tried again with a different yarn, again doing a gauge swatch before hand on larger needles and still they are too small.  I am going to try going up one more needle size and if that doesn't work going up a size on the pattern, this means that I will have to write a bigger size!  I have read through other notes in Ravelry and was amazed at how many knitted these and found them too big, I must be a very tight knitter!

One project that is progressing and staying on the needles is a jumper which I shared a couple of weeks ago, I have reached the stage of the front cables.  I was happily knitting this whilst watching a DVD last night when I realisd that I had gone past the stage of shaping the armholes, I had to rip it all  out!  This is not mindless DVD knitting anymore, I have now written out the shaping rows so that I can do these without having to concentrate quite so hard.  I am likely to have some knitting time this weekend so I hope I can get this piece finished and maybe one of the arms.

I started a reading great book this week, I have read a few books by this author and whilst in the library picked up another of his.  The Elephant Keepers' Children by Peter Høeg (he also wrote Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow or Sense of Snow in the US) is set in the authors native country,
Denmark and is written from the perspective of a fourteen year old boy.  It tells of three siblings and their life alongside their eccentric parents on a fictitious Island.  The parents have gone missing and the children set out to find them, with some madcap adventures on the way.  Some of the characters names are wonderful and add to the charm of the story.  I am enjoying reading this book!

Joining in with Tami for this weeks work in progress.


  1. Lovely purple yarn you have there...I'm just about to cast on a baby bonnet in a similar shade :) x

  2. I love the colour and the cables. :-)

  3. The slipper pattern looks so cosy, I hope you manage to find the right size. Your purple cables pattern is gorgeous!

  4. I tend to write out knitting patterns in full as well so that I don't have to concentrate so hard! I'm working on a shawl/scarf at the moment and really enjoying doing it. Thanks for the book suggestion, I'm always looking for good things to read. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

  5. Lovely colour!

    I enjoyed reading one of your blog carnival posts on siblings, it made me ponder my own relationship with my brother which in truth is not unlike that of your hubby's. Families, you can love them but you can't pick them!

    Thanks for the congrats message for Sara.

    San x

  6. Beautiful shade of purple and I'm glad to hear I am not alone having to concentrate on my knitting. Another problem I have is not knowing how to "back out".....I could do a couple stitches back but if it was rows I would have to start all over! Good for you! The book does sound good!

  7. I just love that deep purple color. Every time I make socks or slippers they alway come out a little on the large side and don't stay on properly! That book sounds fantastic, I will definitely be adding it to my wish list.

  8. It's so frustrating when you have to rip out large chunks of knitting :( I'm guilty of being a DVD knitter too :)
    I love that purple yarn!

  9. I love the rich purple yarn, so pretty. X

  10. The purple yarn is such a gorgeous colour.
    Clare x


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