07 August 2013


The Antler Cardigan is nearly off the needles.  I just need to knit the sleeve and body stitches together.  There are also many ends to weave in, buttons to choose and sew on and then blocking.  I ordered a huge amount of yarn online this week in preparation for Christmas knitting I can see that casting on these new projects is going to take over finishing off!  I have also been working on a Sweater for my youngest, I have knitted up the back and have now cast on the front.  This pattern is in this lovely book, this is the fifth project I have knitted from it.  Most of my recent projects have been knitted in one or in the round it feels strange to be knitting up the individual pieces to sew up at the end. The yarn I am using is very old, judging by the label, I bought it from a friend of a friend who is emigrating and selling all their crafting stuff before they go they must have had this yarn sitting around for a long time. A quick look on the Internet has revealed that the factory closed in 1990.  This is the only project I really have on the needles now but I am sure that the new bag of yarn will lure me to cast something else on before the week is up!

I have read very little this week.  I was at the stage of the story where the characters and the plot were being developed and it was dragging on a little but now it has moved on and become mysterious and exciting as I am unsure where the plot will go.  I always find a book hard to put down when it reaches this stage I just need to find the time to read and knit!  Nearly forgot to say the book is The Devil's Acre by Matthew Plampin.

Joining in with Tami for this weeks work in progress and Ginny for this weeks yarn along.


  1. That yarn is a beautiful colour.

  2. Beautiful purple yarn, the sweater will be looking great too.

  3. Gorgeous purple. Isn't it nice when you can find a pattern book where most of the patterns work for you? For me, it's Nancy Bush sock patterns. You're not the first blogger to mention Christmas knitting ... I guess I'd better give that some thought soon!

  4. how exciting to be nearly done! I'm not a fan of burying threads but when it comes to getting to wear a brand new sweater, well I shoulder the burden ;)

  5. That yarn is a lovely colour, but yes, it's very 1980s! I love it when I am given old yarn I like ... I'm often offered stuff people have had stowed away and some of it is dire!!


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