17 August 2013


Whilst eating our breakfast one morning this week a chicken walked by the house, several of our neighbours keep chickens so we thought nothing of it and assumed that it would find its way home by the end of the day.   It stayed around all day and survived the night outside (we have foxes living nearby) though we know not where.  It did not belong to any of our neighbours and looked keen to hang around.  When we were able to get close enough we realise that it was one plucky chicken, not only has she survived several nights outside but she has escaped a visit to the abattoir from a local chicken farm.  Sadly she has had her beak clipped and is not used to foraging but we think she will survive a neighbour has taken her under his wing, so to speak.  It is pouring with rain today so she has sought shelter under a hedge.  Perhaps she is slightly bemused by these new surroundings like she has been dropped into a foreign country.  We have become rather fond of her and rather want her to survive, maybe she will even lay an egg!

I had a knock on the door yesterday which I tentatively opened thinking it might be someone trying to sell me double glazing, instead it was a beaming young man proffering an empty water bottle.  I am cycling end to end, he tells me, and I have run out of water could you refill my bottle.  As I walk away to do so he asks and have you got any snacks?  I provide him with a refilled water bottle and a bag of fruit and off he goes.

On Tuesday I set off from my house alone, a very rare occurrence, and spent the next twenty four hours away from my children.  As I drove away from the house I wondered what on earth had possessed me to make such an arrangement.  My youngest has spent every night in my company since her birth over four years ago, would she be ok?  Of course she was she had her brother and father for company and they kept busy, swimming, cycling and canoeing.  Meanwhile I had a wonderful two days out on the hill keeping an eye on a group of young people, knitting and reading.

This morning I tackled a job which I have been putting off for a while, my excuse is that I always have something else to do.  Finding myself with a few extra days to get ready to go away I could put it off no longer.  I have had a major declutter and reorganise of the children's books, toys, home ed resources and our desk we all share.  I have a big bag of books and toys which need a new home and a much tidier, more organised house.  I could really so with giving the Lego the same attention we seem to be drowning in it as some of it does not have a home.  I will save that for another day as we do have to go out now but I will try not to put it off for too long.

Things turned out ok.

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  1. We had a big decluttering last week, feels so good!
    How funny that you had visits from a lost chicken and a hungry cyclist in the same week. I read once that in the early days of the Tour de France that competitors would stop at random houses and bars asking for food and drink - usually wine or brandy but not water!!
    Hope things turn out OK for your chicken. Can you keep her?


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