29 August 2013


Is that a word?  Whether it is or not it describes me to a t at the moment.  I am not in a manic state of running around, meeting myself coming back,  just busy with stuff and no time for blogging.  We have just had a week away from home enjoying a music festival sandwiched between a few days with friends.  It took a few days to cook and pack everything we needed.

We arrived home late on Tuesday and have spent the last two days unpacking, repacking and buying a huge amount of food.  The car is loaded up again and we are off to help out on an Explorer Scout camp for five days.  We always have a great time but I shall be glad to home again.

I have been away a lot in August and am looking forward to spending some quieter days at home in September.  My garden has been busy whilst I have been away, I have found the time to tend to it  in between my comings and goings and this has definitely paid off.  Despite returning home to an empty fridge and no fruit or veg the garden has provided all we have needed for meals these last two days.  The photo above was the harvesting for a delicious stir fry.

I will return again in September!


  1. It is such a lovely time of year, when you can just pop into the garden and find so much to eat. Hope you have a good time at the camp. No doubt there will be lots more produce by the time you return.

  2. Yes, busyness is a word! It sums up my life most of the time. How wonderful to return from time away to food in your garden and to be able to prepare a meal from it. Your hard work has definitely paid off. x


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