04 July 2013


I love to spend time outside, whatever the weather. It's a good job really as living in the UK we have great weather, it is completely unpredictable and means that you might have to wear hats and gloves in July.  I have spent the beginning of this week camping with my children on my own, perhaps I am mad, but no I don't think so.  I am happy being outside and confident in that environment so naturally I want to ensure that my children feel the same.

I had been looking at the weather forecast daily in the week leading up to us going away, not because I was considering backing out of our trip but to ensure that I had the right clothing with us.  When I was planning this trip a few months ago I invited another family to join us, they ended up booking a holiday elsewhere but I am pretty confident that they would have pulled out anyway.  The forecast was for cool temperatures, around 12°C, windy, light rain showers and full cloud cover everyday.  So I packed warm clothes, hats, gloves, scarves, waterproofs, thick socks and I also put in sandals, sun hats and light clothing we wore them all.  We had a day of sunshine and 18°C and another with strong winds, showers and temperatures around 10°C.  When it rained we covered up, moved inside if we could and enjoyed the weather.  When it was sunny we headed outside, basked in the heat and enjoyed the weather.  One evening it was really sunny and clear so after tea we headed out for an evening walk which the children loved.  We could see for miles, we were warm and happy and having a great time.

I noticed that the children were happy, really happy in a contented way there were no arguments, no disagreements, they talked things through in a way that made my heart melt.  After one day back at home it has all gone the arguments and disagreements are back.  I know there is a big drive to get people reconnecting with nature at the moment the National Trust published a report Natural Childhood last year, a movement called Project Wild Thing was launched recently,  the BBC has a Summer of Wildlife website packed with information and downloads to encourage us to reconnect with nature, the Woodland Trust has a wealth of information, ideas and downloads do free on its Nature Detectives website, and I know why.  When I spend more time outside than in I am a happier person and the last few days has proved to me that my children definitely are too so whatever the weather I am spending more time outside!


  1. What a great post. I love the outdoors too, and we have some of our best times when we are walking in the countryside. It is true that there is no bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. We had a damp and cool holiday in North Devon last year, and it was just about the best holiday we've ever had. Off to Cornwall tomorrow, which reminds me, I have to pack. I'm thinking hats and sunscreen this week.

  2. I love how happy we all are outdoors too, when we lived in the yurt, the children would play together outdoors for hours and hours, they miss that freedom so much. It is hard to recreate it in a town.

    It's amazing how changeable our weather is isn't it, we always pack for all possibilities too!
    x x

  3. We also enjoy being out and about - it makes such a difference to our moods!

  4. Thanks for the links, glad I'm not the only one with argumentative kids at the mo!


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