29 July 2013


...this week of...

...happiness getting the garden weeded, a lovely afternoon with friends, my eldest having a friend over for a sleepover the first at our house.

...sadness at being laid low by sickness.

...creating raspberry jam, knitting my first complicated cables, Roman forts.

...reading The Devil's Acre by Matthew Plampin

...learning about numbers, Tudors, Dinosaurs, Evolution.

...thinking about my father in law who is in hospital.

...hoping my garden is alright whilst we are away this week.

...looking forward to spending time with an old friend this Sunday.


  1. Sounds like a busy week. Hope you are feeling better now and that all is well with your father-in-law. Have a lovely week.

  2. You've reminded me that I really need to weed my garden! It's a disgrace. But I was happy that it rained while I was away so I didn't come home to a dust bowl.

    Your moments paint a picture of such a nice world. x


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