08 July 2013


...this week of...

...happiness spending three nights camping with the children, sunshine, a blooming garden, daddy returning home safely after a week away overseas.

...sadness that some good friends have moved away, we will see them less often now, the move was necessary for them but we at sad they have moved away nonetheless.

...creating bread by hand, cakes and biscuits, knitted flowers and a hat, sand castles and a tidy house!

...reading A Little History of the World by EH Gombrich.

...learning about Romans, fossils, light waves and numbers.

...thinking about wether I should take on a D of E assessment at the end of the month, it would be a big commitment and would mean I would have to leave my youngest for three nights and four whole days, she has never been away from me for more than a few hours.

...wondering why I can never remember to drink enough water in a day, especially in the current heat wave, I always feel better for it but....somehow it gets forgotten.

...hoping that we can fit in a day out canoeing this week, we have not been out for ages in our canoe.

...looking forward to a few weeks of being at home and being less busy!


  1. Love to read posts like this - busy times :)
    I am so bad a remembering to drink enough water too.
    Enjoy your home days - hope you manage to find some space xxx

  2. You have been so busy lately!
    I think a D of E opportunity will most definitely come around again when your little is more ready.
    I'm terrible at drinking water through the day, too. I can feel how good it is for me but I don't do it.

    Enjoy your week :o)


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