24 June 2013


...this week of...

...happiness at spending three days camping, in the sunshine, with friends to celebrate midsummer and the solstice we didn't want it to end.

...sadness that the weather has been too cold to enjoy our village outdoor pool.

...creating streamers to run around with, dinosaurs with playdough, finishing a scarf, working on a hat, a flower wreath.

...reading Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell the oddest book I have ever read, I don't think I will finish it!

...learning about plate tectonics, evolution, dinosaurs and the changing shape of the land masses in the world over time.

...thinking about Christmas presents, yes I know it is only June but if I am going to make them all in time I need to start soon.

...wondering if some of the plants in my garden are going to get big and strong enough to produce before the days get too short.

...hoping that I have enough yarn to complete my hat it is looking likely that I might run out close to finishing.

...looking forward to more camping again next week!


  1. What a wonderful full weekend you had. I always hope to begging the Christmas makes early but never do. You have inspired me to start thinking about it xx

  2. I'm wondering the same about my garden and allotment. The summer seems so short sometimes. Hopefully some warmth for you to enjoy your village pool soon. Hope the rest of your week is lovely.


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