17 June 2013


...this week of...

...happiness the blooming seedlings in my garden everything is growing, spending an afternoon with friends celebrating a birthday.

...sadness at some tragic news in our village this week.

...creating a scarf and hat for myself, a flower wreathe with my youngest.

...reading Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell.

..learning more about wildlife and dinosaurs.

...thinking about my brother in law and trying to understand why he is behaving as he is, not ringing or visiting his father who is very ill, it is upsetting his mother and my husband, his brother.

...wondering if I have planned too many camping trips this summer, they is so much preparation but I love them when I get there!

...hoping that I can fit in another foraging walk soon.

...looking forward to celebrating midsummer and the solstice camping with friends.


  1. Prayers for your dad in law, sorry to read there are extra family difficulties on top of the sickness.

    Hope the weather holds for your solstice camp.


  2. So sorry that there is illness in the family and sad news locally. I hope things improve soon. Camping will be wonderful, just do the minimum preparation and get everyone to muck in and all should be well. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  3. I like your moments posts! It's nice to think about how we're feeling about everything. Camping on the soltice will be wonderful. And yes, families can be tricky. x


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