10 June 2013


...this week of...

...happiness camping with family and friends in the sunshine, my garden blooming, fresh salad leaves  from the garden, swimming in the outdoor pool in the village.

...sadness at the continued decline in my father in laws health.

...creating a hat for my husband, two baby cardigans for my twin nephews and sewing two bags for a friends children's birthdays.

...reading the latest edition of Juno magazine.

...learning about dinosaurs and wildlife.

...thinking about all the things I would like to make over the next few weeks.

...wondering how my sister in law is getting on with her new baby twins.

...hoping that all the seedlings I am planning to plant out this week do not get eaten by mice.

...looking forward to a quieter week this week.

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  1. Lucky you having a village swimming pool! I have just found your blog, and there is so much here that I'm interested in. I shall be back!


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